Shopping for Lace in Cyberspace

Shopping online is so hit and miss.  When I first started to buy my own clothes, I had to gather up my courage to shop in the women’s department of a store or covertly pop into a Victoria’s Secret (well, not anymore) to find something cute that I hoped to God fit me.  This got expensive and exhausting.  It was stressful worrying about who might see me at Target when I needed to pick up a new pair of stockings.  Years of building (and purging and rebuilding) a wardrobe was expensive, especially since I didn’t know how to take my measurements.

But it did help me realize that unless you bump into someone you know, no one cares what you have in your shopping cart.  Stores don’t care what departments you shop in.  No one is paying as much attention to you as you think.  This realization helped me find the courage to step out into public the first time.

That being said, I would have loved to have been able to shop online all those years ago.

This dress, worn for the recent MN T-Girls recent photo shoot is a perfect example of when shopping online could go so wrong but thankfully ended up fitting like a dream.  For the most part.  It does not pass the “Can I sit down in this dress?” test, but I suppose in a way that’s one of the reasons I like it.

I wore this on a MN T-Girls event earlier this year, but I wanted too show it off in a photo shoot.

Photography by Shannonlee.

Makeup by Ana at Rita Ambourne.

I hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

Lace Dress 1Lace Dress 2Lace Dress 3Lace Dress 4Lace Dress 5

4 thoughts on “Shopping for Lace in Cyberspace

  1. When I first started buying bras and panties, I was scared about what the sales clerks thought about me. I always said something about it being a gift. When I realized that they really did not care, it was like achieving some sort of freedom. Yeah! (BTW – nice dress!)


  2. Yes, many, many years shopping in public created such tension and occasional joy.
    I did love wandering the dress and lingerie departments looking at all of the pretty clothes but never really felt at ease.
    Online shopping and eBay has helped greatly to expand my wardrobe although also not without its challenges.
    Great dress Hanna!
    Looking awesome, as always.


  3. Hannah,
    The dress is awesome on you. I understand the part about sitting down. I have found so many dresses that would make great tops. I think Stana of Femulate says it best, “My skirt’s no too short. My Legs are too long.”

    Anymore, about the only thing that I buy on-line are shoes. So hard to find a store that carries size 15 women’s shoes. More often than not I do my shopping in male mode but have my bra and forms with me in a backpack for trying on. I have had very few problems and made numerous friends of sales associates. the last time I visited DressBarn, the associate that I have delt with for years told e that she had been having a bad day till I came in. Many of these women enjoy helping us when they khow we are sincere in our attempts to femulate and not a lark or joke.


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