One for the Money, T-Girls go to a Show…


The MN T-Girls had our monthly adventure last night and it was one of the most fun events we’ve ever had.  Many of us have dreamed of wearing a beautiful dress to a play at a nice theater and yesterday we had a chance to make that a reality.

This was the final weekend of the Guthrie Theater‘s production of ‘The Legend of Georgia McBride’Casey is an Elvis impersonator with everything going for him, including a flashy sequin jumpsuit. But just like that he loses his gig, rent is overdue and his wife announces a baby on the way. So when Elvis leaves the building and a drag show moves in, “The King” transforms into an all-out queen with the help of some new friends who become the second family Casey never saw coming. With snappy zingers and dance-worthy numbers, this wildly entertaining story will challenge your assumptions with extraordinary humor and depth.



I was surprised at how much I loved the show.  Usually shows that feature drag queens portray them as catty, one-dimensional characters, but the cast was funny, smart, and just…fun.  Everything was handled with a lot of respect and dignity and I never felt the play was making fun of the transcommunity.

The Guthrie couldn’t have been nicer to work with.  Thanks to their helpful customer service, we were able to have a group of tickets reserved for us so we could all sit together.  We were seated in the front in what is consider ‘cabaret seating’.  We sat at little tables giving us the feel of being at the show the characters were performing in.

It was a very fun night and it was such a fun play.  I wish I had seen it earlier so I could have recommended it before now, but the final production is today.  If you put on your fastest heels you might be able to get a ticket in time.


I can’t wait for our next outing!

Love, Hannah


5 thoughts on “One for the Money, T-Girls go to a Show…

  1. Sounds like you and your group had a fun time. Sounds, too, like this play has a great theme of growing outside the character you’ve always played, one I’m sure everyone can (or should) relate to.


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