In-Between Update

Hi girls!

I am working on the last few chapters of ‘In-Between’ and I wanted to thank you all for the encouraging emails and messages you’ve sent since I announced my book.

The book is divided into three sections:

Part 1: YOU – Where you are on the transgender spectrum and accepting this part of you

Part 2: US – How this affects your relationships with your partner and family

Part 3: THE WORLD – Your impact on society…and the other way around

As I enter the final stretch of the writing, I wanted to see if there is anything specific you would like me to write about.  The book covers everything from sex to relationships to dysphoria to clothes and everything else in-between.  I have ideas for the last few chapters, but is there anything you think I should cover?

Please feel free to comment below or submit your question through the ‘Ask Hannah’ page.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos Shannonlee and I took for the book cover proposal.  I love how they turned out and it wasn’t easy to choose which one to us.


Love, Hannah


5 thoughts on “In-Between Update

  1. I LOVE THIS, and so excited about your book!!! I’ll send along a longer list, but I think the three areas you have outlined are the right ones. I think the “in-between” is the key thing in the three areas. It is the hardest part to manage for individuals (YOU), in relationships (US), and on a broader basis (THE WORLD).

    I think helping people understand gender as a spectrum, and the different aspects of gender (identity, expression, sexuality) would be good to explore in each of the three area. I think helping people understand what those things are (YOU), how to explain it to others (US), and the larger societal impacts (THE WORLD) would be good.

    I also think analogies/examples where other diversity has been successfully managed/integrated in these three areas would be good.

    One other idea might be either questions to ask, or discussion areas in exploring the “in-between” might be helpful.

    I’m super excited about your book. Sign me up!!!

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    1. I write about, at least to the best I am able, the different aspects as you mentioned. I write about the connection (or rather, the lack of connection) between gender identity/presentation and sexuality but also how there is really no standard for gender identity/presentation. Diversity, I am finding, is difficult and easy to discuss. I think it comes down to you either accept there are others different than you or you don’t. We are not easy to understand, so I don’t spend tooooo much time trying to explain who we are, but rather helping us accept who we are and how to make it work within your life.

      Love, Hannah


  2. I’m so excited for this!

    I’d love to see a chapter that is an autobiography of you. You’ve mentioned your story in bits and pieces between here and your animated blog, but I’d love to learn more about you, your “journey,” (sorry I used that word), the MN T-Girls, and balancing Hannah with your male self. I know that there’s no right or wrong way to be transgender, but it’s often helpful to read about others.

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    1. I do start the book with my background. I have written about my ….journey (ugh, 😉 ) on this blog but this will kind of fill in the gaps a bit.

      Love, Hannah


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