Pride 2019!

It’s Pride weekend in the Twin Cities and the biggest event is the Pride Festival featuring everything from live music to food trucks to performers to vendors.


The MN T-Girls were at the Pride Festival on Saturday and we had a wonderful day meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.


It was a day filled with talking about everything from social issues to gender identity to shoe shopping.  We listened to others talk about their journey.  We listened to parents and partners talk about their loved ones  We talked about support and resources.  We talked about our group and our mission.


Coming to Pride is a wonderful experience.  We are lucky to be in a city filled with so many amazing people.  We are honored that so many people shared so much of their story with us.


I was also interviewed for today’s edition of the Star Tribune, but only one quote made it into the paper.  The quote was in response to the question about what it was like to be openly transgender today compared to a few years ago:

“There’s more representation, but I also think it’s a scarier place than it was a few years ago,” said Hannah McKnight, 43, of St. Paul, founder of MN T-Girls, a group for transgender women. “All the laws in the world” can’t necessarily protect people from transphobia and violence, she said.

Thank you to the MN T-Girls who helped run our booth.  I want to thank everyone who came to see us.  Unfortunately we had to leave Pride a little earlier than we had planned so if we missed you, I am truly sorry.  Due to a work commitment we will not be there on Sunday.  I hope you had an amazing time at Pride and hope to see you next year.

Love, Hannah

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