Ask Hannah!

Recently I have been having trouble keeping my wig on. It seams to ride up the back of my head after an hour or two wearing it. Any suggestions?

You may want to consider wearing a wig cap which would prevent your wig from moving around.  They are available in both a mesh and a nylon style.  Other girls use special wig tape, bobby pins, or hair clips to keep their hair in place.

However, selecting a wig that is the right size is also important.  If the band isn’t large enough, or stretchy enough, your wig will simply not fit right.

I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. If you have slightly longer natural hair, you can make two “pin curls” on the back of your head, one on each side about level with the top of the ears (different heads and wigs may vary on where works best). To make pin curls for this, divide your hair into left and right sections, then twirl each side into single column of hair, then wrap this in a spiral on your head where you want the pin curl to be. Using bobbie pins, put two or three pins across the spiral to hold it in place. Once both are done, put your wig on as normal, but when it is where you want it, take a hairpin, find the pin curl and starting near the top of the curl, insert the hairpin upward just a bit and then lift the free end of the hairpin to be able to push the hairpin down through the base of the pin curl. I’ve found this to give me a secure feeling, and no ride up.


  2. Another way, if you have hair the same color as the wig, and a bit of length, is to use a crochet hook to go through the openings in the wig cap and pull a bit of your natural hair through the wig. This provided a very secure wig, the more places pulled through, the more secure. It was somewhat time consuming, both putting the wig on and taking it off. And, it does limit the wig color you can wear, unless you want to be coloring your natural hair.


  3. I had the same problem. You can sew in wig clips around the edges. I bought a dozen of them at Sally Beauty Supply for something like $4. There are some Youtube videos on how to install them (of course!!) I usually put 2 in the front and 2 in the back. You need to have some natural hair for them to clip to so I wear my hair a little longer. I’ve never had a problem since I started using them even on some pretty windy days.


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