2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Ya I have a suggestion let me know what a transformation studio is exactly. I’m so giving up on society. They’ll never stop laughing at us and will never accept a man dressing like a woman. They’re all full of shit even the friends I have that say they support me laugh behind my back. Things will never change. Women can dress like a man and not even be looked at but a man forget it. So I’m sorry to drag you down it’s not my intention I’ve looked high and low for someone to talk with this about to no avail I get lies and veiled support by fake friends.


    1. I know things feel overwhelming and frustrating. It feels like no one understands us and that not a lot of people spend any effort in trying to. People laugh at what they don’t understand, people laugh at what makes them uncomfortable. I would encourage you to find support and friends in our community by looking for a local chapter of pflag: https://pflag.org/

      Love, Hannah


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