Resources: Gender Therapists


Therapists that focus on issues regarding gender are not easy to find, so I am happy when I learn of a therapist that specializes in gender identity.

Hanna Zipes, according to her website, introduces herself as a psychotherapist located in Minneapolis and providing individual and couples therapy, coaching and supervision in-office and online. I come to this work with a belief in people, in possibilities, and in the power of relationships. I work from the perspective that healing happens in a positive environment, and that relationships are sustained through love, laughter, presence, humanity, acceptance, and solidarity. While people consult with me for a variety of reasons, I specialize in addressing concerns related to intimacy, communication, infidelity, sexuality, gender identity, and fostering healthy relationships.

I am LGBTQIA+ affirmative and respect diversity in sexual identity, relationships, sexual orientation, and sexual practices and lifestyles. I work to create an environment of radical inclusivity for clients of all genders, sexual orientations, races, cultures, faiths, sizes, and lifestyles.

More information about Ms. Zipes and her practice is available on her website.

Love, Hannah


2 thoughts on “Resources: Gender Therapists

  1. I know a number of folks in the community are or have seen Dr. Margaret Charmoli. (the website is old, but she is current, latest WPATH, informed consent, etc)

    She is also host to a local ‘cast – Bi Cities.

    And, for a larger list of LGBTQ+ options in Minnesota, see:

    And transgender specific:

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