Ask Hannah!

How did you get comfortable enough to be public and how did you meet people who are accepting?  Should I keep it a secret from employers and is there some kind of protection against some sort of discrimination?

For a very long time I was scared to go out in public  Safety and being recognized were two concerns, but another was that I wasn’t able to “pass”.  But I had an epiphany one day and I realized that I am the only one who matters when it comes to how I feel about myself.  What do I care if someone else thinks I “pass” or that I am beautiful enough?  It led me to realize that there are no standards I must meet to be a girl and there is no such thing as passing.

As for meeting people who are accepting, starting the MN T-Girls was a big part of that.  You can also find support at a local PFLAG meeting.

As for coming out to anyone, be it a family member or an employer, it’s important to think it through.  You should consider why you want to come out to them and why you feel they need to know.  You can’t unring a bell, after all.

As for protection against discrimination… well, that could change very soon.  In some states someone can be fired for LGBTQ+, so check your state’s laws.  You also should look at the employer’s policy when it comes to inclusion.

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Totally agree with everything you said. The other thing that was a huge help for me was realizing that someone might recognize that I may be a trans person but they probably won’t recognize me as my undressed self. At Pride last summer I ran into my boss. We didn’t talk but I know he looked right at me .. and through me … but has never given any indication he recognized me. I remember how scared I was when I stepped out of my car the first time. I’ve been out in public regularly for about 6 years. It gets easier but sometimes I still have to take a deep breath when I reach for the door handle.

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