2 thoughts on “New En Femme Blog!

  1. This comment is about how to tell your SO you’re cd or trans..
    The most important thing is yo be sure a out what you are before out to anybody. My case was very wrong thinking I was bisexual and cd buy after therapy, HRT Im a trasgender lesbian woman still married living happily together with same wife of 40 years…


  2. Great insights and advice as always.
    I am out to quite a few people by now, counting dozens. Most are women though; I too find it harder to come out to men. But to this date I have not had a single bad reaction. A couple of yawns, a childhood friend who was sad I didn’t tell him decades ago, and dozens of understanding, loving and supporting reactions. I find people are a lot better than their reputation! 😂
    That said, I do live in a liberal city in a liberal Scandinavian country, and hang out with liberal friends, even own and acquired family are fairly so. I realise I am quite fortunate.
    I think I have been fairly prepared to answer all the typical questions you listed, Hannah. To some of them I can only give a qualified “I don’t know yet”, but that is also a valid answer and everyone has understood.
    I guess those I came out to fall into one or more of 3 categories: Those I need to tell (close family), those I want to tell because I do not want to hide something from them or need their support (close friends), and those who have asked me or my wife.
    It gets easier every time. And each positive reaction does wonders for my happiness and self-esteem. I have no idea how I will react when I encounter the first negative one, but I think I am sufficiently grounded now tp shrug it off quickly.


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