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Tell us what herbs you take to increase estrogen levels, and improve your femme  figure.  I have struggled with being bi-gender all my life. I am happily married with children and grandchildren, so my time as my femme self is limited, but I enjoy the body changes that certain herbs I take have. What are your secrets to maintaining your feminine features?

I don’t take anything like that.  I would advise anyone to be very careful of taking anything like that unless prescribed by a doctor.

Everything I am is pure McKnight.  Well, except for my breast forms, my gaff, my thigh pads, and contouring.  🙂


I had an epiphany a while ago when I realized that thinking of our bodies, our heights, our features as either masculine or feminine was holding me back.  I used to think that it was important, essential, and possible to “pass”.  But one day I wondered… what is the height limit for a girl?  How tall is too tall to be feminine?  Thinking in terms like that, I realized how silly it was to assign arbitrary gender standards to someone.  Once I had this thought, I realized that there really isn’t such a thing as passing.   This freedom led to me finally being ready to leave the house en femme and I’ve never looked back.

Love, Hannah

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6 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I just wanted to tell you I went to a lower the other day for a bra fitting. My God. Was that fun? She spent probably 20 minutes with me and getting me just the right thing afterward. I bought some other lingerie. I would recommend going on a Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon when it’s not real busy and you will not be disturbed in all probability. It was great fun. I would always recommend calling first and setting up an appointment.

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      1. Could be a typo. Maybe she meant “lover,” which would make a great story. Or, possibly, “Lowes,” but they have different foundation products for sale there. 🙂


  2. Hannah your advice is s right on. I’ve been following it for a long time. My only “problem” is I would like to have smaller feet! Size 14 women’s. Open toed heels not the best in the winter time.
    Thanks for being here for us.
    Charlene 💕💕


  3. In reply to which herbs to take; I wouldn’t recommend any of the garbage they sell on line, it doesn’t work, it is expensive, and you don’t really know what you are getting into your body. If you are ready to go further, I recommend you consult with a doctor, since taking hormones without medical supervision is very dangerous.


  4. I really do understand just how you feel about ‘family’ as I would have ‘come out’ if I too didn’t have the children and grandchildren! Still, I think, you are one of the most amazing people I have every read about. Maybe our ‘time’ is running out but I do intend to enjoy my fem side when I can!



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