Ask Hannah!

416I am jealous of your beautiful skin and would love to know what you do. I have always loved natural porcelain white skin, I guess it is because it is what I have and I have always struggled keeping mine looking somewhat acceptable. I love to do photos, not to mention how great it feels, with no stockings but I hate my reddish knees and am always hitting my shins and bruising them or scraping them up.

Thank you!

However, professional photos with editing and touch ups, along with the many different filters can often make someone look better than they really do.  🙂

Healthy skin starts with simply being healthy.  I drink a lot of water which helps flush toxins out of your body leading to a better complexion.  Eating and drinking a lot of sugary foods leads to acne.  I also wash my face with an apricot scrub which helps exfoliate (removes damaged skin).

When I shave my face, I do so in the shower.  The warm water opens up my pores and allows for a smoother and gentler shave.  After I shave I use a moisturizer to combat the dry skin that is a result of shaving.

So, nothing too drastic.  A couple extra steps added to what most of us are probably already doing.

When it comes to my legs I have two different routines depending on what my plans are.  I keep all of my skin smooth and every week I take on the tedious task of removing my body hair.  I used to use a razor and shaving cream for my arms, but I recently started using Nair for my chest and arms.  This is a quicker, easier method and helps me avoid the inevitable nicks on my arms from a razor.

If I am not going en femme the next day, I will also use Nair on my legs, particularly the back of my legs.  Again, Nair is quick and easy.  But if I am going out I will use a razor on my legs for a smoother shave.  The Nair does a great job, but there may be stray hairs here and there I miss.

I always wear tights or stockings, even nude ones.  I like how the nude stockings will even out my skin tone.  If I am rocking fishnets I will still wear nude stockings and wear the fishnets over them.

Love, Hannah


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