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I am married and basically quite straight in preferences, however, certain trans gender women I find just irresistible, so I flirt a lot on line….am I a cheating hubby?
I never meet anyone in person.

Every relationship is different and unique.  Every relationship has aspects of it that are hidden to the rest of the world.  Mine included.  If our friends and family knew about the conversations my wife and I have about eyeliner and fashion they would be very surprised.

Some relationships are not as monogamous as others.  Some marriages are open, some partners don’t mind if their spouses chat (or more) with others online.  I can’t say if you are cheating, but perhaps ask yourself how would your spouse react if they knew about your online chats.

It is not uncommon for girls like us to get lost in the pink fog and make decisions that are not typical of our normal routine.  Sometimes these decisions are relatively harmless, such as spending money that we shouldn’t on stilettos, but sometimes these choices are damaging and hurtful to our partner.

The fact that you are asking makes me wonder if you feel guilty about what you are doing, and if you are feeling guilty then you are probably doing something you know you shouldn’t.

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. There would be a lot to say about past mistakes. But I think mostly they happen because we’re not happy and we feel misunderstood or not understood at all.

    I red you « pink fog » post and feel I had been in that fog for a long time but I feel I’m now fully out of it.

    Sometimes you just need to be yourself and have a partner that validates, approves and support that part of yourself.

    Since I eventually found my soulmate I’ve never been so happy. And just as of yesterday I started another step of my evolution to make my body more like it should have always been…

    Side note: I don’t consider myself trans-femme but just gender fluid. Happy to have male parts, unhappy to miss female ones 😀

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