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Should one dress their age?

Not necessarily.  I wear what I want to wear, however, I do take fashion cues from women that are around my age.  There are a lot of really cute styles that girls that are twenty years younger than I am wear, but as cute as they are, they are clearly meant for someone that is not my age.

pink skirt 5

The outfit above is the cutest, girliest outfit I own.  I heart it.  Every time I see photos of it or it hanging in my closet I want to wear it.  The outfit below looks like someone a girl in early twenties would wear.  It’s cute, and I think I pull it off.


Once a t-girl (or crossdresser or someone who is bi-gender, gender-fluid, or… a human) has accepted and embraced who they are, a whole world of clothes and fashion and style has opened up to them.  They will wear whatever they want, thank you very much, regardless of which gender it is “supposed to be for”.

The two outfits above, granted, are not typical of what a girl my age would wear.  But I don’t think dressing your age is necessary.  That concept seems vague and arbitrary.  Instead I dress for the occasion.  I use what I am doing or where I am going as my guideline.

The two outfits above are perfect for an anime convention or shopping, or example.  Not necessarily a good fit for the office or a wedding.  Of the two outfits below, one is perfect for brunch, the other is, well, appropriate for, well, I’ll let you decide.

Clothes make a statement.  Both of these dresses do exactly that.  One dress is saying she would love a mimosa, the other says… again, you make that call.

Think about what you are doing, and where you are going.  Think about what others will likely be wearing.  Using this as your guide will help immensely.  When in doubt, I prefer to take a chance on dressing up rather than dressing down.  I tend to be the most overdressed girl at the mall, and that’s fine with me.

I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hey Hannah – I’m a little older than you but I share your fashion sensibilities. I feel there are so many great options why not try them all? I can go from looking the demure to the fishnets and PVC look depending on my mood. Flannel PJs are never going to be my thing, any more than sweatpants will be… if I can pull off the ‘sexy’ nurse, secretary, pussycat… without looking ridiculous I shall – well, more for Halloween than daily wear… a d if nothing more than to explore how it makes me feel 🙂


  2. The pink outfit clearly screams out ‘Springtime’! Very nice.
    Dress in whatever you will. I do same. I often get compliments and estimates of my age as 45-ish 20 years younger than the official number.
    If you are not having fun fulfilling your innermost desires… Why do this at all?
    As we all stare into the face of a virus related fate, YOLO…


  3. The numbers inside women’s clothing for size are so varied, how could they even consider adding an age to the garment tag? 🙂

    If it fits, it’s fine as long as it is what you like to wear.


  4. Gorgeous stunning beautiful dresses and outfit -amazing looks you get from makeup and look younger or mature and gorgeous


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