T-Girl Spotlight: Isabelle

Isabelle is another absolutely gorgeous t-girl that I met on Twitter.

IMG_20200229_115634a (Medium)

Her makeup, her style, her wardrobe all caught my eye.  She has the cutest dresses I have ever seen and I would love to know where she shops.  Isabelle is from the UK and you can keep up with her on social media.




I am excited and honored to feature Isabelle in T-Girl Spotlight.

IMG_0073a (Medium)

My female name is Isabelle, I live in UK. I crossdress since I remember, however, in the past few years I find myself much more “professional”.

IMG_20200229_122333a (Medium)

My two biggest female passions are modeling and going out as woman. I always get a thrill of excitement when my heels click on some quiet street.

IMG_9895a (Medium)

 Crossdressing is my passion and nothing compares to it. It gave me some ups and downs, but I’m glad I can be myself.

IMG_9972a (Medium)

IMG_20200229_132851a (Medium)

7 thoughts on “T-Girl Spotlight: Isabelle

  1. Why do you only show absolutely gorgeous TG’s, not all real GG’s are drop dead gorgeous. Us plain janes CD’s like to feel good to. I know our society wants to see beautiful women and that is what sells. Every time I get to feeling good about myself there is an image of the prefect TG or CD thrown in my face. I know I am not alone in this feeling but for some of us perfection is just not attainable.


    1. “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it” -Salvador Dali

      I think one of the things that many of us can identify with is the occasional bouts of dysphoria. I have off days, I have a list of things I wish I could change about myself. I don’t think I am, or anyone else is perfect.

      T-Girl Spotlight is open to anyone who would like to be featured. I would love to feature you and anyone else. You don’t need to wear six inch stilettos to be featured. Truthfully I have asked other t-girls and I have been turned down more times than I have heard a yes.

      I certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out. And I hate the idea that someone featured triggers feelings of anything negative.

      Love, Hannah


  2. I liked the feature! Isabelle is gorgeous. As someone who tries to dress ever so slightly on the fancy side; I love both the black dress with the lace sleeves, and the gray dress. They are exactly what I would buy. That is the look. I don’t even know how to describe it… simple yet classy, a sprinkle of elegance. At 54 yes… I even have a few (cough, cough) above the knee dresses.

    Even her comment about hearing her heels. The sound of my heels in a relatively quiet environment is almost at the level of when I am out presenting and someone uses “ma’am” or “Ms” to get my attention rather than “hey you.”



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