Playing Dress Up

paper doll

As shelter-in-place restrictions are eased, we are able to slowly and gradually return to parts of our lives that have been off-limits for a while.  I am excited for this for a number of reasons.  One would think these restrictions are being phased out because the curve is flattening but that doesn’t seem to be the case, unfortunately.  That would be the reason I would be most excited about, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Regardless, I am excited to go out en femme and resume MN T-Girls events and photo shoots.  I have a shoot in June for En Femme and another shoot for some amazing stilettos I was sent to review.

Part of my review for the heels will be about matching the shoes with an appropriate outfit.  Which mini-dress looks best with a pair of sky-high stilettos, for example.  Sometimes the answer is obvious, sometimes this decisions keeps me up at night (not really.  Okay, maybe a little).

This side of me has an amazing wardrobe with a zillion different possibilities.  On one hand this is wonderful, on the other hand, it can be quite intimidating.  Putting together an outfit with everything from earrings to stockings to shoes to a top and making sure it all goes together is a learning curve.  I still have a hard time matching a skirt to a top which is one of the reasons I mostly wear dresses.

I’ve been thinking about which dresses I will wear for the shoes over the last few days and I think I have decided on two out of the three, but still considering the final pair.  Putting together an outfit is not unlike playing dress up with paper dolls.

Have you found putting together outfits easy?  What are some of your fashion rules?
Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

  1. My main rule is, “Try not to look too dumb”. For me, this can be a challenge. I mostly have skirts and tops, because I only need to fit half of me at a time. But that can lead to other challenges related to matching/miss-matching. Re-read the part about looking dumb. I minimize the chance of this by minimizing the prints. Since my prints are all skirts, mixing prints eliminates this issue. That leaves me with color matching issues. Re-read the part about looking dumb. I feel I do not do too badly here. All in all, I believe it generally works out.


  2. I’m Heather, I’ve been hiding most of my life now I’m trying to do more and I want to look as real as possible I know I can’t pass but I just want to feel that I’m doing it right and be the best cross dresser I can be, any advice is always appreciated


    1. There’s no such thing as being the best crossdresser. Expressing your gender identity is all about goals. Do you want to get better at makeup? Walking in stilettos? Picking out an outfit? Your gender presentation will take time, money, patience, and practice.

      Love, Hannah


      1. For me it’s getting better at makeup and wearing the right outfit and accessories, help in heels is not a problem for me lol


  3. This can be seen as the fun part; we’ve all gone through the difficulties of “coming out” or “admitting who we are” things but now lets show ourselves! We can dress anyway we’d like, any style or color or feel that fits who we feel we are. Like shorter skirts, do it! All in on a evening gown, let it ride! We are as beautiful as we feel, as we want to be. No wrong answers here, just fun!


  4. Coronavirus here is still inching its way up. We are running at 50% capacity. Eating at restaurants outside. But I won’t go. With it ticking up I rather be safe than sorry.
    I wear what I feel comfortable in. When I have a outfit on. I take a look in the mirror. I’ll know I feel confident or not. 99.9% of the time I do feel confident. So outside I go. I am very happy to do so. I have been out in public since 2003. I enjoy it very much. I never looked back.


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