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I’m curious; do you ever wear perfume? If so, what perfumes would you recommend for a t-girl? I’m thinking of giving perfume a try, and would love your thoughts.

One of my favorite things about being en femme are the small, subtle things. Those tiny details, like the color of your heels being the same shade of red as your necklace. Wearing a bright pink dress and standing out in the mall is one thing, a tiny detail that few notice is another.

Perfume is like that. It’s not as noticeable as a really intense shade of lipstick, but rather a small thing triggering a different sense.

But as much as I love being enveloped by small feminine touches, I rarely wear perfume. I do when I am out for the night, but if there’s a chance I have to be in male mode after spending part of the day en femme, then I usually skip it as I am paranoid about any lingering evidence, if you will.

As for recommendations, I usually just borrow something from my wife. I don’t pay attention to the labels, just the scent. It’s funny, I can tell you the exact name and shade of the foundation I wear or the designer of the stiletto I am wearing, but I couldn’t tell you what perfume I am wearing at any given moment. 🙂

I don’t know if department stores are doing perfume samples with COVID, but I would suggest visiting Macy’s (they are usually very transfriendly) and seeing (and smelling) what they have.

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. when i have my chance to dress up i put on Charlie perfume or design perfume, its a nice smelling perfume that smells very sexy, a pretty smell. i don;t care if some one smells it on me if i am in male mode after i change cloths, the smell will go away after a few hours any ways. i like the smell of perfume that give you the i am young smell not the perfume old ladies put on if you know what i mean. what is a woman with out perfume on? if you can put on lip stick, eye shadow, foundation and cover up and no perfume, its just like being a female with out perfume on, perfume is the main ingredient to let people know you are female . i buy my own perfume and its mostly Charlie and design perfume. Avon has one also called imari that is a good perfume to buy also


  2. Hi Hannah,

    I hope you don’t mind but I have a continuation of the question. You mention that you are concerned about feminine smells in male mode which makes perfect sense. What types of products do you use for every day?

    For instance I use lilac, gardenia or lavender scented shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I always use women’s shave cream. I know the subtle scent stays with all day. I even smell it occasionally which is very comforting.

    I love your blog.


  3. I use perfume mostly in fem mode but have worn it in male mode as well.
    I love how it smells and I never overdo it


  4. Just a word of advice for trans women who want to wear perfume: the product in the bottle is only part of the scent you will get when you apply it. How the perfume combines with your own body scents is what gives the final result. Unless you are taking female hormones, your natural odour will be predominantly male but women’s perfumes on the market are designed to combine with natural female odours. So your pretty bottle of perfume may end up smelling rank on you. You’ll need to experiment – and have the courage to ask your friends what they honestly think.

    My advice is to avoid anything overly floral, summery or fruity – you can end up smelling like rotting fruit rather than the spring flower you were hoping! Something fresher and woodier, leaning more to what they put in aftershave (though obviously we don’t want to go there exactly!), tends to work better.

    Personally, I love Versace Crystal Noir; it works beautifully for me.

    Sue x


    1. TOTAL AGREEMENT! I could not have said it better.
      The range of body scents (not just skin scents, mind you!) is from ‘musky’ to ‘floral’.
      If you dont choose a scent (in either homme or femme mode!) that does indeed compliment ones own body scent. Things go totally wrong.


  5. When I dress I always wear perfume. I exclusively wear Beautiful by Estee Lauder and I’ve received many compliments from other women. A few of whom started to wear it afterward and told me they were influenced by my using it.


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