Ask Hannah!

I really liked your coming out day post. You mentioned running in femme leggings. That is something I’ve been keen to try. Could you share what type of leggings you wear and maybe the design/color? I like the idea of wearing something girly but not attracting too much unwanted attention.

I heart leggings.  
As much as I heart them I don’t wear them en femme.  I did model a pair of leggings from En Femme this summer and OMG I love these.  They look and feel amazing and they’re sexy as hell.

As for running, I wear a simple pair of black femme leggings.  I have other femme leggings that I wear in boy mode that have some faux leather texture to them, for example.  Anyone who wears leggings will tell you that they are perfect for everything, especially working from home.  But when I run I wear leggings that tend to blend in with “boy” workout clothes.  They are nothing fancy or overly feminine.  I bought them at Target and the brand is Champions, I think.  

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hannah, love those leggings too you look great in them
    I love leggings as well
    I don’t wear in boy mode except under jeans when it gets cold.
    I do wear fem workout clothes to walk in at my local park but they are not all that noticeable as feminine.
    But you do what you got to do


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