11 thoughts on “Green and Glittering

  1. absolutely lovely dress and love your feminine looking legs with nylons on and the heels are the finale touch, love your make up , it shows a female face with the make up on


  2. Sorry, Hannah,

    You are wearing a “Disco” dancing Dress, not suitable for “Sashaying” around a garden. Lynne 💋💋💋


  3. Love the pics-especially the one smelling the flowers and the one showing those gorgeous legs on the bench. You make the dress even more lovely than it is-quite an outfit-fit for a good time out and about.



  4. Nothing speaks more feminine than sequins, so I love it! I have a few dresses myself and love to wear them. You look perfect for the upcoming holidays!!


  5. ❤❤❤❤❤

    Hannah, that picture on the white bench is absolutely stunning. While it’s not really a “day” dress, more for dancing the night away at the club, you wear it well with the black hose and classic heels.


  6. The white bench leg pose took my breath away. Those stockings for a leg man are lethal.
    The smelling the flowers pose has the most striking eye make up presentation that sizzles with sexiness.
    Enjoyed the green sparkle dress because the short hem makes the imagination soar.


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