Ask Hannah!

Have you ever hung out in guy mode with any of your T-girl group? I would think that may be a opportunity to help balance both sides of your genders. Expecting male friends to first understand what dressing is and then to accept it is asking a lot and I can’t think of any of my friends that I would or could share that with. But the T-girls are into dressing and share a common bond, so to speak, that eliminates the need to come out. I envy the outings that you and the group go on and hope to join in one day. I’m not there yet, but hopefully soon when life returns to normal.

I understand you wanting to keep your two lives separate and respect it. Hanna needs her secret identity and privacy. Just wondering if you’ve ever considered a drab get together or have done so in the past.

Love the blog, stay beautiful!

One of the reasons I created the MN T-Girls is so a girl like us can meet other girls like themselves.  Interacting with others, experiencing the world, is very different en femme compared to doing the same things in male mode.  Running errands as a boy?  BORING. 

Running the same errands in heels?  OMG.  I don’t feel the need to make new friends as a boy, but Hannah sure likes making new friends.  The group has never, nor will we ever, have an event for the men in our lives, so to speak.  Yes, some members have attended in male mode until they were ready to attend en femme, but the group is a safe place for our femme lives and we all have so few opportunities to be en femme.  Why waste a perfectly good evening as a boy when you can glam it up?  Besides, I don’t think any of us are that interested in getting to know each other’s male selves.  

Personally I don’t have any interest in sharing my male life when anyone that Hannah knows.  Who I am on the boy side of my life is kind of boring.  I don’t think anyone would care who Hannah is when she is he, if you follow me.  

On the opposite side of the coin I would like Hannah to know some of his friends, if that makes sense.  Not many, but a few.     

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I know that the Tri-ess groups in many places sponsor guy-mode get togethers among members. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I personally wasn’t interested in socializing with other guys in male mode, so I elected not to participate in such events.


  2. I’ve got a short (really short) list of folks that know both sides of my. Most of the list is my late partner and four doctors. There are a few co-workers that have already transitioned that know, too. That’s about it. So far. But, that’s why I can’t claim that I’ve come out. When I do, I’ll be introducing everyone in my life (that’s wants to hear) to Evelyn. But, that’s because then I’ll be full-time. In the years that I’ve been part-time/cross-dresser/what have you, I’ve known very few that share both sides of themselves equally. Whether it be for privacy, security, or just a lack of interest doesn’t matter. If someone wants to share, they can, but beyond that, I view it as one of those questions that shouldn’t be asked.


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