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I am 52 and have been cross dressing since I was 11. I have been married for a while and have never come out to my wife, do you have any tips or advice on me telling her about my feminine side? I’m tired of sneaking around and would like to finally let her know. Thanks 

I would really think twice about dropping such a bombshell on your wife during a pandemic.  I know you’re tired of concealing this side of you and our partners are never prepared to have this conversation and there truly is never a good time to have this conversation, but we need to read the room, if you follow.  We are all stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted and this conversation might be more than your wife can handle at the moment.

That being said, I have written a lot about coming out and everything that can come with it.  This is not a conversation that you will have once or even fifty times.  There’s going to be a shift in your relationship that will be forever be impacted by this.  

There’s really no right way to have this conversation.  Every relationship is different, every marriage is different.  How I came out to my wife will be different than how you might do it.  

Take some time and read what I have written about this over the years: 

Writings about marriage

Writings about family

Good luck!

Love, Hannah

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  1. I’ve been where the previous person was, only I was 63 and I’d been cross dressing since I was 11. I feared telling my wife because I thought she’d assume I was gay and totally reject me. My fears were well founded, not that I’m gay but that my wife didn’t take it well at all. She filed for divorce and our marriage ended. So if someone like me is married and hasn’t told his wife for the same or similar fears, it is probably best not to tell her. Or it may come down to deciding which one is the most important, your marriage or cross dressing. Now that I’m divorced I cross dress a lot more than I used to, but I can’t say I’m happier because of it. However, before I get involved in a new relationship I intend to tell her so that we can both go into the relationship with open eyes.

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