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I am wondering if you knew if a pre-op woman can legally use the restroom/locker room of her choice in Minnesota? I have been using the women’s locker rooms and restrooms for years, however I want to know if what I am doing is legal in the state of Minnesota.

Rules and laws change over time and vary from state to state.  The last time I checked Minnesota’s perspective (if you will) was more or less vague and not tooooo helpful.  But even if there is a law that allows people to use the changing room/locker room/restroom that aligns with their gender identity it doesn’t mean there will not be any issues.  I mean, it’s illegal to discriminate but racism and sexism sadly still exist.

I can only speak to my experience and what I do.  When I am out if there is an option to use a family or an all gender restroom I use that.  If not, I use the ladies room.  The gym I go to has a large locker room with connecting changing rooms that is designed for families and is open (and they do specify) to people of all genders.  My gym is inclusive and I love that.  

Even if it is legal to use the restroom that matches our gender identity/presentation it doesn’t mean that everything will go fine.  People are still people, after all.  In all my years of using the ladies room I have never had an issue, but I’m sure someday someone is going to say something, regardless if it’s legal for me to be in there.  

I chose to take my business to places that more or less match my values.  I won’t eat at Chik-Fil-A for example.  I go to Target not only because I live in Minnesota (and that’s what Minnesotans do, lol) but because they made it very clear that their guests are welcome to use the restrooms and changing rooms that line up with their gender identity.  Planet Fitness also made it very clear what their stance on this is as well.  

I would recommend downloading the Refugee Restroom app to your phone.  This app provides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals.  It is a valuable resource available to those who find themselves in need of a place to pee safely once again.  Users can search for restrooms by proximity to a search location, add new restroom listings, as well as comment and rate existing listings.

The ACLU is also an informative resource for this. Another resource I can direct you towards is right here. 

Be safe!

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Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. You have to face reality here. In my opinion even though it may or may not be legal that doesn’t mean that you won’t cause more damage by forcing yourself into a situation than you would by simply avoiding it and doing something that would be less in cumbersome to people who was comfortable with her sexuality is UR. Frankly when I go in for lingerie fitting or to try on dresses I am always respectful of the people who may not look at things the same way I do because it gives our community a bad name, in my opinion Go ahead rip on me because you want to do what you want to do but I think it’s like common respect.


  2. Staying away from the “if you should” discussion, in MN it does vary a bit by city. Minneapolis in particular has had it as a protected activity for many decades.

    In practical terms, it seems that if you are presenting as a “typical” woman, you seem to be fine, especially if you are not acting unusual – in other words look like it is a normal activity and not something that you are worried about. Like Hannah, I’ve had no issues, and that has included standing in line with lots of other women at intermission at an event, and chatting with other women in the changing room at a women’s fashion store. I have not been to a fitness facility, as the only ones I’ve been in have been as an employee.


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