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What sort of bra do you recommend and how do you know what size to buy?

-Do you have actual breasts or do you use/wear forms? Just starting to explore and very confused about forms. What is the correct or proper shape to look for, teardrop, oval, triangle, round ? I have yet to find 2 articles supporting the same shape so I’m confused. The one thing I have found that seems to be standard is that silicone has the best feel, movement, bounce, fiber fill & foam don’t so now if I can understand the shape to look for or go with I have a starting point.  

Both of these questions bounced into my email within a day of each other and since they are similar I thought I’d tackle them in one post.

I have a LOT of bras.  I have bras that I wear en femme, and I have bras that I wear for underdressing.  Basically the bras that I wear under my boy clothes are ones without any sort of padding, shape, or push-uppiness.  That’s not a word but you know what I mean. Most of these bras come from Xdress and Homme Mystere.

The bras I wear en femme are more varied and more… uh, practical.  I have bras that are strapless, I have bras with an embroidered pattern, push up bras, and bras of many colors.

A girl needs a white or beige bra because some outfits and blouses are a LITTLE see through and a black or darker color will show through some tops.  I mean, if that’s the look you’re going for, then have at it.  

Strapless bras are for strapless dresses, or dresses and tops where the shoulders are see-through or mesh, for example.  

I don’t wear bras with a texture to the cup if I am wearing a tight blouse as the texture can show through.

See?  Lingerie can be practical.  

As for sizing, if you’re not comfortable meeting with a bra fitter, you can take your own measurements.  I wear a 34B bra.  The number refers to my chest measurement/band size, the letter refers to cup size.  A rule of thumb is your band size is your chest measurement and then add four (round up if needed).

Third Love has an EXCELLENT guide for determining your bra size and I would encourage you to take a look as they know more about this then I ever will.

I don’t have breasts but I wear forms.  They are not the best quality but they do the job.  They are silicone….ish.  Not as high quality as my thigh and hip pads from The Breast Form Store and I would agree with what you are reading in that silicone feels better than anything else.  My forms have a somewhat similar feel to my silicone pads but I don’t feel my forms are a part of me the same way my thigh pads do.

Shape comes down to personal preference, I think.  Breasts come in all shapes and sizes so I don’t think there is such a thing as the correct shape.  I would spend some time looking at The Breast Form Store‘s website and chatting with one of their fitters (Hi Eden!) for some guidance in finding forms that you feel are the right ones.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. If you’re up to it (it might take some courage) I would highly recommend going to see a bra fitter. My go to store for bras is Soma. I shop in boy mode and I get fitted in boy mode. I’ve never been turned down, and I always get good feedback from their sales associates.


  2. As far as shape goes, it really is personal preference for the look you are wanting. Same is true for size with forms.

    If you have the money and storage options I would say the best way to find out which shape you want would be to buy foam breast forms in the optional shapes and sizes you are thinking about and give them a try. The weight and movement aren’t as realistic as you may want, but they are usually cheaper and can give a good idea how forms will work on your body. Also they are a must if you plan on sleeping in forms or for most long distance travel (plane, train or ship.)


  3. I’ll give the Aphrodite forms a plug. They have a realistic shape and feel. I have both the “medium” and “large.” My bras range in size from 40 B and C to 42 C and D.

    Short of writing a book… 42 is my band size. It depends on the dress and my mood as to which band size I wear presenting. I have the height and (unfortunately) weight to make either form size look natural/believable. My goal, if you will, is generally to blend on the other side of the room.

    Having said that; I have a tendency to over-dress, my wardrobe is almost entirely dresses, more than a few of which are “bodycon” and/or “above the knee” hemlines. Short hemlines and bodycon tend not to blend in from 6-8 yards away.

    The Aphrodite forms have a tacky back (by design). I’ve found it to be sufficient to the point that I have never used the silicone adhesive and I have never used a pocket bra. As a nursing student living on savings… yes wholeheartedly agree they are expensive (but you get what you pay for).


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