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I’m a straight cis woman who has always loved crossdressed men. I don’t ‘really’ know why but I do know I like beautiful things and I am quite alternative. I am also fascinated by psychology and people.
I actually have lots of questions to ask you but one of the things I’ve always wondered when reading your blog is are you concerned that people in your life will find you online somehow and that they could tell other people, maybe a colleague at work?
I love reading your blog and think you’re doing a great job of representing transgender, queer and actually any alternative people.

No one really knows why we like what we like.  It’s frustrating and liberating at the same time.  Sometimes I really want to know why a song or a book really gets a hold of me.  The more I try to dissect the thing I like or I am obsessed with the more it becomes trying to understand WHY I like it as opposed to simply enjoying it.  I overthink a lot of things.

At the same time, it’s wonderful knowing it’s just how we’re wired.  Why am I right-handed?  Why do I wear panties?  I was born this way.

Am I afraid of being caught?  No.  I am terrified of being caught.

Although no one really knows how your friends and family will react to this side of us, I feel mostly confident that most people I know would “be cool” with who I am.  Being cool with who I am isn’t necessarily accepting this side of me, but for the most part I don’t think they would shut me out of their lives or gossip to other people.  Of course I don’t expect them to understand, but that’s okay, I don’t understand either.


I could name a few people in my life who would absolutely use this against me.  This could come in the form of never speaking to me (or my wife) ever again, telling others, or slander.  Long story short, it would be very very bad.

I associate with people that think about the LGBTQ+ community the same way as I do.  I don’t want to be friends with a bigot.  I can choose my friends, but I can’t choose my family or my colleagues.  That’s who I am worried about.

As dangerous it would be were I to be discovered by certain people I know, I feel the chances of it happening are very very low.  As prolific as I am I have yet to be “caught” by someone I know.  I have never had someone I know from my male life find Hannah (as far as I know).  My website is not something one stumbles upon.  Most people find my website by googling ‘transgender’, ‘crossdress’, and phrases using those two terms.  Unless someone is specifically looking for websites related to crossdressing I don’t think it’s likely someone just happen upon me.

I go back and forth about coming out to more people but always talk myself out of it.  It’s just safer to limit who knows what, you know what I mean?

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Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Thoughtful insights! Are we trying “to hard” to hard to find an answer? Seems we change over time and experiences. As I recall I was told my gender initially. In my reading of D.H. Lawrence ( Day Chatterly’s Lover)he wrote about why the male gamekeeper could not exist in the industrial society that the norm of the day. Lawrence said it would kill him. Telling the readers that the gamekeeper would be smoothed in that environment. Man needed to acknowledge his feminine side.
    Perhaps, the cis people are the ones who need to recognize that none of us are meant to be one or the other gender,

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