Thank You

Feedspot recently listed a lot of lists for top blogs for the year. The lists are for different categories and I am thrilled that I am on several of them:

Number 49 on the Top 100 Transgender Blogs in 2021

Number 29 on the Top 50 Trans Woman Blogs in 2021

Number 30 on the Top 70 Crossdressing Blogs in 2021

I am humbled and gracious for any influence I have on anyone. I am aware of the seriousness of what I write about and the potential consequences there are when it comes to this life we live. It’s not easy to be who we are. It’s confusing, frightening, and difficult. There are a million things that we think about ranging from how to walk in heels to how we talk about this with our partners. I know that what I write may lead someone to making drastic life changes. Some of the changes are good, some of them… not so much.

I have written about being responsible for our gender identity, and I feel a lot of responsibility for what I write about. I don’t take this side of us lightly. I think very carefully (for the most part) about what I post. I am cautious because I know the decisions we face could forever alter our lives, particularly our relationships.

I know some of you come here for makeup tips or shopping help, and some come here for guidance and advice. Regardless of why you put up with my rambling please know I am grateful for you. I keep a website for my own sanity, to write about the things I think about. I never imagined I would have any sort of influence on anyone. Thank you.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your writings, and look forward to when I can again participate in the MN T-girls outings. Go Vaccine!


  2. You deserve the accolades, Hannah. Your blog is one of the very best in the world and the care and responsibility you take and the time and thought you put into it are impressive. Sue x


  3. Hannah, every human being, in fact every mammal, needs validation from time to time, The fable about the ugly duckling that turned out to be a beautiful swan was touching on this basic need. Because of who you are, your honesty, boldness and humility all come through as a caring person, regardless of your gender which WE know, or think we know, is fluid for practically everyone. Again I thank you for that validation which you are uniquely qualified to give, even to a 78 year old man who’d like to be most days with a short well trimmed beard and mustache, and other days, with skin as smooth as a baby’s butt, and subtle attractive feminine makeup , and stylish clothing, all really me, the same person usually quite gentle and tender, rarely capable of focused anger and cruelty, but that can happen too if the provocation is big enough. In a way, I’m a living homage to women, I love them so much, Keep communicating your true feelings as you see fit; I’ll keep listening.


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