Ask Hannah!

I consider myself to be transgender. I have no intention of pursuing any surgical procedures. Would I be considered a fraud in the LGBTQ community because I haven’t had surgery?  

I would absolutely consider you transgender.

It’s true that some people in as well as out of the LGBTQ+ community may think otherwise.  Being who we are almost demands that we do what we please, what we feel is right for us, without caring what other people think.  

I mean, a transwoman can legally change their name, their legal gender, their birth certificate, and every inch of their anatomy inside and out and there will also be those who will still say she is a man.  

My definition of transgender is pretty broad and you can agree with it or not, but the essential thing is that you need to live your life without caring what other people think.

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Love, Hannah

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6 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. No question transgender is a broad umbrella and I’m like the person with the question
    I’m trans, no surgery not body modes
    But I have a feminine side that I do express


  2. “It’s true that some people in as well as out of the LGBTQ+ community may think otherwise.”

    Absolute fact! And that is so sad. It is not a community, any more that our country is a unified society. You would think we could be more supportive of each other, but sadly, no. But we have to do what makes us happy, allows us to move forward another day. Be you, love yourself and forget the labels.


  3. Hi I’ve been a curious CD for years. At the late and of 57 I wAnt for it .my wife was very supportive and even went shopping with me.
    I’ve never are self confidence in myself as a man. But when I dress I come alive. Can you explain why this is please


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