Lovely Lingerie

Of course The Breastform Store sells, well breast forms (and thigh pads!) but they also sell super cute lingerie.

This cute teddy isn’t on their website at the moment but they do have a lot of other sexy options to choose from.

I bought this teddy about a year ago and I love it. The garters are removable but why wouldn’t you want to wear stockings with it?

Love, Hannah

Love, Hannah

11 thoughts on “Lovely Lingerie

  1. With all respect,i think there are many woman jelouse see how you are so beautiful in lingerie.That’s life.Everything good for you.Muitas felicidades.


  2. The loudest wolf whistle you ever heard emitted from my throat over your “teddy” pose. Enjoyed the use of thigh high stockings attached to garters with out shoes. Every hot button I have was pressed here. Long time admirer of yours and love your feminine side.


  3. Hi, I love yr posts, I was just wondering on yr latest post that you had that cute teddy on, I was wondering what size it is, and what size will fit me, I’m about a 6ft 1 in height,


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