Because I am Not Busy Enough

The most read articles on my website have to do with shopping, to some degree. It could be anything from finding one’s measurements, to how to try on clothes, how to determine your bra size, or simply feeling comfortable and welcomed when it comes to being in a store.

My emails reflect this activity as well. Much of the questions I get are everything from practical (such as the conversion ratio of man shoes to stilettos) to more emotional (like working up the courage to ask the makeup artist about what foundation shade is right for you).

From wigs to nails to makeup to heels to lingerie to skirts to jewelry, shopping for a girl like us can be intimidating, overwhelming, and expensive.

I am considering a new project, in a way. But I need your help.

For those of us who are not ready to hit the mall quite yet, and even for those who do, what kind of store or shopping is the top of your wish list? Is it your dream to get a bra fitting? Or getting help shopping for makeup?

Please let me know in the comments, thank you!

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Because I am Not Busy Enough

  1. I’ve long since out grown my fear of shopping. Either in boy or girl mode. From make up at mac to lingerie, although I still have a problem at VS. I have found that most places will take your $ no matter how you look or dress and they will make solid recommendations. Now I have to go march into a VS
    Thanks Sallee


  2. If we stop to think about our lives the subjects of our desires the issues that are really importante and you like talk about maybe ,its importante for your day life ,to know about lingerie,makeup,wigs,nails etc…of course it is. Develop your other me.I think its importante and have an importante social goal in other words you try to be an open mind and for many people you say :You are not alone,its nice.Life is made also of the litle things.And we not forget about weather changing,the oceans,the people suferring.the covid etc…of course not.We are all diferent but we are one family so why not talk about everything we like to talk about in our lives?So go on and be happy.Thank you.Sorry my english.Boa sorte.


  3. I can shop almost anywhere in either mode without worrying, but I would really like to get a proper bra fitting and a consultation appointment at a wig salon. Those personal services would be so fulfilling for me, as well as helping me gain more confidence in interacting with others.


  4. A great question Hannah. I am comfortable shopping as either a man or a woman(but it’s so much more fun as a girl.) I would LOVE to spend a day in Nordstrom or Macy’s with the help of a personal shopper who understands we transwomen. Styles, colors, fabrics, textures that help me look my best. Mix-an-match outfits. Finding a strapless bra that will stay up on a big-chested/big busted lady. Thank you Hannah, for your good efforts. You approach things from a different and refreshing angle.


  5. The more I do it the more confidence I gain I love to shop. It amazes me when I get compliments on my outfit or jewelry. I know that I am not fooling anyone it’s just their way of say I see you.


  6. Would love to know a proper way to get help with make-up at a store where one might get a a’ make-over’- SEEMS LIKE A WONDERFUL AND EXCITING outing.



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