Ask Hannah!

Your skin always looks fabulous. What’s your routine, specifically, what’s your nighttime routine? Do you use a serum? Eye cream, retinol? I’m trying to establish a night skin care routine to help keep my (rapidly aging) skin nice as I can, and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Thank you! Please keep in mind that my photos are taken by a professional photographer and touch-ups are almost always used.

Having said that, my routine is pretty minimal. I wash my face thoroughly each morning and before I go to bed. I use a exfoliating scrub (St. Ives) and that is really about it. I have a pretty healthy diet and get a lot of exercise, time outside, and I drink a lot of water. I avoid candy and fast food and these are all contributing factors to a healthy diet, weight, and skin.

Oh! Makeup itself is a godsend. Concealer and contouring can really help reduce eye puffiness and dark circles, too.

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Don’t forget moisturizer. Start now. As a 63-year old who sought medical advice on the issue, i can tell you that every dermatologist will tell you to do it. Morning and Evening. In the morning, make sure it has sun protection (at least SPF 15).


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