Trans Day of Visibility

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

This is a, well, I don’t want to say complicated day for those who are bi-gender and who identify as crossdressers, but it’s a reminder of how inclusive the term ‘transgender’ is.  I think when most cis people think of the term they think of people like Elliot Page and Laverne Cox, two outstanding advocates of our community.  They are as visible as it gets.  Thank god for them.

Being as visible as they are can lead people to thinking that transgender means hormones, estrogen, legal name changes, surgery, and transitioning.  And there’s nothing wrong with those things.  God knows if I had the money I would have laser hair removal EVERYWHERE.  But being trans doesn’t mean taking those steps.    

This is my definition of the term, but being trans is any sort of behavior, thinking, and, uh, wardrobe that contrasts with what “society” associates with the gender you were assigned at birth.  Also!  Anything outside the gender binary.

Visibility of the transcommunity is important.  Visibility of ALL the transcommunity is important.  When I am en femme and at the mall, I am VISIBLE as a member of the transcommunity.  When I am in boy mode at work I am still a member of the transcommunity, just not visible.  But that’s the bi-gender life, isn’t it?  Some know, some see, others don’t have a clue.

This is a day that reminds us that representation is so important.  The world may not know there are those who happily bounce back and forth between gender identity and gender presentation, but I exist.  You exist.  

This is a day for all who live, even if only for a little bit, outside the expectations of what a boy “should” wear, do, feel, think.  

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Trans Day of Visibility

  1. Today I will go to work, as my gender fluid self.
    Makeup, some in between top that is female and my skinny jeans.
    Yes I’m grateful my job allows me to be visible on this day so I will be.
    Thanks Hannah for also being visible


  2. Great way to express it. Even if one had to be a drab male today, they are still trans if they talk about, or just think about, presenting their feminine side to the world. Happy TDOV to you, Hannah!


  3. The thoughts are inescapable, maybe even more so when we are obliged to present a facade for the benefit of others. Its ok…everyone puts forth one mask or another when necessary for personal or professional reasons.

    My thought on this day is how we shouldn’t forget that there are many for whom visibility may endanger their livelihoods, relationships and even their lives.


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