Shine, Shine, Shine

Most of my photo shoots are for a reason.  Some of them are for En Femme, some are the annual MN T-Girls shoot, some are for reviews, and some are just for fun.  

It’s easy to get burnt out on them, though.  Don’t get me wrong, I heart them but they do take a lot of planning and coordination between Shannonlee, makeup appointments, shooting locations, and other logistics.  Some shoots have requirements, such as a specific location or vibe that is needed.  Usually this is requested of En Femme and it’s actually fun figuring out the perfect location.  In 2019 we did a shoot for En Femme’s winter line and we were tasked with finding a location that was very Christmasy.  I think it’s safe to say we nailed it.  

I actually like working with guidelines like this.  I think when you are given such specifications your most creative work can happen.  

When I did my last shoot it was going to be all about lingerie and most of the shots were going to be for reviewing two new bra and panty sets and new forms for The Breast Form Store.  Since the shoot was going to be in a hotel room we decided to do some dress shots around the hotel itself.  Since this was the first shoot since November, and my first time completely en femme since then, I was excited for the shoot.  I had a new dress, new forms, and a killer makeover and I was excited for the day.  I felt cute, and I thought I looked cute (please note that looking cute and feeling cute are not always hand-in-hand).  

We started with a few shots in the hotel room….

…then moved to the balcony when the wind decided to play.

After the shots in the room we took to exploring the hotel.  

I love these shots, I love this dress.  I think you can see my excitement and confidence shine through.  This is pretty typical of the first outfit of a shoot and is pretty different than the final outfit of the day which I will talk about in a future post.

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Shine, Shine, Shine

  1. Hannah, you really make that swing dress shine!
    And the balcony shot with the wind lifting the hem is so playful – fits the definition of ‘coquette’.


    1. I like the idea of exploring the environs of room and the hotel as part of your photo shoots, as well as other settings you’ve used in early shoots. The context deeply affects both mood and the message…and for the observer, helps create a sense of being in the moment.


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