Wilted Flowers

Yesterday I posted some thoughts and pictures from my first photo shoot of 2021.  Typically the first outfit of a shoot shows excitement and confidence…  but as the shoot progresses my energy starts to deplete.  Sometimes my energy is strained because of a pose or from a pair of stilettos.  Some shoots require a lot of walking and as accustomed as I am to walking in heels, sometimes after a couple of miles(!) my legs start to feel a little weary.

Sometimes the shoot itself can be emotionally exhausting.  My last shoot was all about lingerie which was a first for me.  I’m used to getting photographed, I am used to wearing dresses with thin straps, skirts that are probably too short, so I didn’t think that lingerie shots would be that different than what I was used to.  My god was I wrong.  I wrote recently about feeling vulnerable and exposed during the shoot.  I was showing a side of myself that the world never sees and it triggered a lot of emotions.  I wear my heart of my sleeve (when I have sleeves) so my emotions are usually pretty obvious when I am feeling something.  

The shoot ended with a different dress than the first one I wore that day.  And to be honest, I wasn’t feeling it.  I was tired from the shoot, I was hungry, I was emotionally drained.  I was exhausted and felt vulnerable (lingerie can do that to you).  I was ready to call it a day but I had a cute flowery dress and I decided to get a few pictures of it.

These photos are cute.  Well, the dress is cute, and Shannonlee did amazing work as always.  The hotel had fun places to take pictures in, my makeover was still amazing, but I was done.  And I think the pictures show that, or least they show me trying harder to look confident and happy despite being tired and hungry.

My final thought from this shoot (and I know I’ve written a lot about this shoot) was that I know I am not “a model”.  Yes, I model and by that logic I AM a model, but I don’t think of myself as anything or as anyone special.  When it comes to this kind of work I am literally stumbling in the dark.  I should probably hire a modeling coach but I think Shannonlee and the clothes and my makeup artist do all the heavy lifting.  They make me look good, and I think their expertise compensate for my lack of experience and my lack of…uh, knowing what I am doing.  

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Wilted Flowers

  1. Hannah, I appreciate your honesty. Your vulnerability is very attractive but may I offer an observation?
    You are pretty tough on yourself and that can be problematic. Just feel the love and support of those on this site. And most importantly your lovely loyal wife.
    Everything is good. Everything is as it should be. Even at the end of a shoot when your feet hurt.
    Stay safe.

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  2. We all get tired from making the effort from time to time. But you are realizing the beauty that many of us feel inside but only experience in frequently. Just keep being you ! You are worth it. Blessings.


  3. I can totally relate, Hannah! It’s not easy to keep your energy level, your enthusiasm, and your “delight” at a high level as a shoot goes longer and longer. But you do just fine! One thing I often feel AFTER a shoot when I see even the BEST shots is a bit of disappointment that there’s not “a perfect” picture in the entire bunch.


  4. Hannah,

    A SHOOT is exciting, satisfying and often pure girl fun however, an exhausted period /feeling sets in quickly afterwards so I try and plan on a “Sleepwear” shoot as the closeout and totally ready for that WELL EARNED NAP.

    Marie Anne Greene

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  5. Hi Hannah
    please do one thing from this. Remember and learn from your experiances and apply them for the next one. We all learn from ower past experiances and grow from there. Please keep it up and always look forward and not back. we all must look back to move forward.
    Love Magan


  6. hello Hannah.
    always so nice to read your thoughts and feelings.
    must be such a thrill to make such shoots. you are so good at it.
    keep safe and healthy.
    kisses Kathleen


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