The Return of the MN T-Girls Again

Yesterday was the first MN T-Girls meeting since November. We took a pause due to COVID but now that the weather is warmer (for Minnesota in April, anyway) I felt it was safe(r) to resume our monthly adventures This was our second return as we took our first COVID pause last March and returned (for the first time) in May of last year.

This month wasn’t tooooo elaborate, just coffee and girl talk with the girls but it was good to see my friends again.

It was chilly, but at least I looked cute. Well, I thought I looked cute.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “The Return of the MN T-Girls Again

  1. Dear Hannah,
    You always look cute! I know it takes effort but you make it and set a standard for the res of us who want to look cute but don’t always make it.


  2. It indeed was great to see friends old and new.

    And until the sun went behind the building it was truly warm. Just a great day to be out.


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