Almost out of the Woods


I’ve written a lot about how the pandemic has impacted, well, EVERYTHING and how it’s caused a lot of self-reflection.

Reflection?  Get it?  Sorry, it’s still early.

Anyway, the CDC has modified their mask mandate, most people I know are vaccinated, and the end as they say, is in sight.  Although I don’t think we’re out of the woods by a long shot and the mask mandate reversal seems a little premature , it’s obvious that we will be returning back to pre-COVID life sooner rather than later.

With that said, doing some of the things we’ve wanted to do “when this is all over” seems possible and if we’re going to do them, now is a good time to at least make plans.  If I was reminded of anything over the last thirteen months it’s that life is short, experiences are important, and things can change quickly so if there’s something we want to do (or wear), then perhaps you should.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is fly pretty (traveling en femme) and go somewhere.  It’s too early to strut onto a plane at the moment, but perhaps this fall we can travel without a mask.  The question is where to go.  I suppose going to a different city and spending the day shopping or sightseeing would be fun, but I also think it would be fun to go to one of the many conventions for the transcommunity.  I’ve also thought it’d be fun to do a workshop or apply to speak at one, too.

So!  Any recommendations or suggestions on where a girl like us would have fun?

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Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Almost out of the Woods

  1. Hanna Im going with a group on a cruise at the end of october, crossdress travel is the name. Always fly in fem and this time to miami for departure and cruise in fem for a whole week. Email me if interested.


  2. “A Vacation, not a Convention”
    Tuesday, October 26 – Monday, November 1, 2021

    Hi Hannah ! This is back on and looking like it will be the big convention for this year. It is well organized at the Flamingo with reasonable pricing and great fun with many wonderful people. Registration seems to be open now.
    Party On !
    Marg Produe


  3. Try Seattle’s Emerald City clubs annual event held in Port Angeles Washington, reportedly a trans friendly shebang MOSTLY, with a whole weeks worth of fun feminine lore and play. Seminars on all the good topics. I haven’t personally been but know many girls that have and strongly recommend. In normal years, this would be the month. I’m no longer a member but they are a lovely fun bunch, sounding a lot like you Minnesotans. leri [hope it’s still happening]


  4. I am looking at either (or maybe both) Fantasia Fair or Diva Las Vegas. I think I can get the logistics to work to go straight from one to the other, but still unsure if that would be wise. I might not be able to get enough checked bags for two weeks. 🙂

    I’ll chat with you the next time we meet.


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