Ask Hannah!

I have a 45”bust and a 42”waist, what dress size would you suggest?

Every dress is different. Every store, designer, website is different. I am a size 12 with Dress Barn, I am a size L with En Femme.

If you shop online you’ll often see a size chart similar to the one below:

As you can see, knowing your measurements is crucial. Just because I am 12 with one retailer it doesn’t mean I am a 12 with a different store. Based on your measurements you would be an XXL in this chart. Are you always this size? It depends on the designer and the store.

So, how do you take your measurements? Glad you asked.

Hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hanna- I’m not into dressing I only admire and look for CD’s TS’s TV’s for gratification. You look fabulous in the picture above


  2. Hi Hannah! I’m glad that feedspot sent your site to me You are beautiful girlfriend! After near than five years I am still trying to get my makeup 💄 right I’ve been watching multiple ladies’ makeup tutorials on youtube They are helping me a lot Especially Dominique Sashe Is there a way I can get your site whenever I want ( probably every day! ) I would love to see more pictures of you! Peace and love 😘


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