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Sometime ago you reviewed some silicone thigh pads and you really liked them. Some time has passed since then and maybe you could update us on your experience with them?  They look great when you’re standing, but what are they like in the rest of your daily life, e.g. sitting, walking, crouching, picking up something off the floor, lying down on your back or on your stomach or on your side?  Have you ever slept with them? Or ride a bicycle with them?

I still wear them, and I still heart them.  They give me a figure that I want, but one I don’t have.

Like most things related to crossdressing, there is a bit of a learning curve but they really didn’t take long for me to get used to them.  I wore them in boy mode under femme jeans for the first few days and I was delighted by how well they stayed on and never moved around.  There is an adhesive that comes with them but I don’t use it as they stay in place just fine.  They move with me, although it takes a LITTLE time for them to stay in the same place. 

When I first put them on for the day they move around a tiny bit but it doesn’t take long for them to stay secured and move effortlessly with them.  Your body temperature and your skin’s heat help keep them in place.  When I wear them, I will be wearing either tights (which helps them stay in place since they rest on my thigh and the side of my stomach) or stockings and my corset.  The corset helps keep the top of the pads in place and the stockings keep the bottom of the pads where they belong.  They move with me, whether I am sitting or getting in or out of a car, kneeling down, going up and down stairs, or laying down.  Honestly I forget I have them on (until I see a mirror or my shadow and it’s like va-va-voom).  Compare the two pictures below. The first is with thigh pads, the second is without. HUGE difference.

The only… well, I hate to call it a downside, but something to remember that since they change your shape (which is what I want), they do, well, change your shape.  I will try on a dress in boy mode and it’ll fit fine, but when I start getting ready and wear my thigh pads and breast forms I have different measurements and the dress doesn’t fit properly.  Since I’ve gotten my thigh pads I’ve learned to take my measurements with my thigh pads on.  

They are versatile, beautifully made, and essential.  I have never ridden a bike with them but I’m sure I could.

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. You make a great case for hip pads, The experience you share is very informational
    Va voom for the difference.


  2. I’ve had silicone hip & thigh pads for a while, and also butt pads that I’m fairly sure are all the same as Hannah’s brand. I agree with all the comments – great feel, stay in place, etc. I did recently find one downside – I was on my side at the electrologist for over an hour, and the pad seemed to cause some additional, highly uncomfortable, pressure on the side of my thigh after a while. I’ve been there since, without the pads, and have not had that happen.

    I’ll see if they fit under my bike shorts when the time comes, but I’m trying to solve another issue there – wearing a bike helmet on top of a wig lends a whole new meaning to “helmet hair”. 🙂


  3. I want to offer an unsolicited endorsement for silicon hip pads. They greatly enhance my presentation and under many outfits make a feminine hip/waist ratio attainable without a corset or waist trainer.


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