Shattering the Hourglass Figure

I work hard to stay in shape.  It gets harder as I get older and it’s not always easy to work out early in the mornings or pass up dessert, but these simple(?) things are really how I stay a size 12.  I mean, it SOUNDS simple but it’s so easy to tell myself that I’ll go to the gym tomorrow or one cookie can’t hurt.  

I also like to wear tight dresses that show off my figure and my legs.  Leather isn’t forgiving and I wear it often so my figure, for good or for bad, is on full display.  

I am asked about how I stay in shape, and really, diet and exercise.  That’s really it.  It sounds simple and it pretty much is, but the hard part is sticking to diet and exercise.  I don’t drink soda or alcohol and I am not a big candy girl, but I do looove bread and chocolate.  I see comments saying that I have a girlish/femme figure.  Although I don’t think a girl needs to have a certain kind of body and there’s no such thing as a femme/non-femme body, but I know what you mean.  And I am flattered.  I am trying to present a certain shape, whether or not it’s considered femme or not.  Comments like that tell me that what I’m doing is working.  

But I really don’t have a “femme” body (if we are think of a femme body as one with a defined waist and some curves).  I don’t take hormones and I never will.  I have a very “male” body and I am about as rectangular as it gets.  

Clothes can cover your body, minimize things, enhance others.  Designs, colors, all of that can create an illusion of a body shape.  For example, look at these two dresses.  The first has a bias line and gives the illusion of an hourglass figure.  The other is a peplum dress and that cute little flare around my middle gives the illusion of hips.  I don’t have a hourglass figure, I don’t have hips but goodness these dresses make it look like I do. 


Compare these next two photos.  Both are me, one is all dolled up, and the other is about as naked as I am going to get for you all.    The first is very shapely, the other is… well, very boxy.

The key differences lay in what the dress is covering.  My dress is covering up my VERY tightly cinched corset.  My stockings are covering up my thigh pads.  My gaff and breast forms complete my look.  In my lingerie photo I am not wearing my corset.  I took my thigh pads off.  Not sexy.  Not femme.  

Again, I am not suggesting that curves=femme.  Hips do not make a girl a girl.

I wanted to chat about this because I hope this encourages you.  Many times I see another girl like us and my heart just sinks because I can never be as cute as they are.  When I hear them talk about their dysphoria, or what they do to look like how they look, well, I feel a little better.  I mean, their dysphoria does not cheer me up, but it reminds me that we all have anxiety and insecurities about how we look.  If you look at my photos and are jealous or whatever of my femme figure, don’t be.  I don’t have one.  I have a corset and pads and forms.  My femme figure is in my closet.  If you want a femme figure, you can get one, it just might cost a lot of money.  Remember, crossdressing takes time, patience, and money.  

Love, Hannah

10 thoughts on “Shattering the Hourglass Figure

  1. You are so right about the look.
    We all are different in our presentation, and well so are cis women.
    Just look around you, all shapes and sizes, and like you I do try to exercise to stay fit and healthy but age is against me. I’m never going to have those feminine curves and such and well don’t really care to spend much to hide things either so I do buy clothes than can disguise some things.
    Bottom line I’m me abs when I’m in girl mode I’m a girl, maybe not a model on the runway, but I’m a girl


  2. I agree that women come in all shapes and sizes, some even taller and larger than me. I appreciate the challenges they face in being judged by some sort of unrealistic ideal, and I empathize with their efforts to approximate that ideal as best they can with augmentation, padding and shapewear. As such, I feel is ok for me to use of these same means toward the same ends and fundamentally for the same reasons..


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