The Swimsuit Issue

The list of clothes that I have always wanted to wear is getting as short as my skirts so yes, pretty short.

Something I’ve always wanted to wear was a swimsuit. But the issue is that, like most clothes that I want to wear, a swimsuit isn’t cut for my body. But fortunately, like a lifeguard, En Femme has come to the rescue.

En Femme has introduced a new line of swimsuits for girls like us and sent me a Sheer Illusion Swimsuit to review and to model. I’ll cut to the chase and admit that I totally heart this suit. I was worried that I would need a gaff but with the built in compression gaff I realized I didn’t need one. I also didn’t need to skip my breast forms thanks to the pockets the suit has. And! The suit is completely flattering thanks to the shirred fabric around the waist.

The suit is adorable and I felt so comfortable, confident, and cute in it. I was nervous as I could be when it came to wearing and modeling the suit but I was amazed at how much I loved this swimsuit. I SO want to hit the beach now.

I love this suit not only because of how it’s made, but it also accomplishes something that the best clothes do… it made me feel strong and sexy.

Love, Hannah

10 thoughts on “The Swimsuit Issue

  1. That looks like a wonderful item and I’m very tempted to buy it. And you’re turning into a professional model!
    My one slight doubt about this item is the sheer fabric under the bust that shows the breast forms. It’s hard to get forms to match and meld with your own skin and the difference bothers me. Apart from that, it seems a lovely, well thought-out item. The other two styles don’t have this sheer panel but then they don’t have the shirred tummy panel that is useful for girls like me! Decisions!
    Sue x


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