Butterflies and Stilettos

Of all the dresses I own, I think this is the one I have worn the most.  I love the bodycon style, I think the cut and the fit is very flattering, especially when I wear my thigh pads.  Add a tightly cinched corset and you can create a pretty amazing figure.  The dress is colorful, cute, and just fun.  I wore this dress when I visited a transformation studio in Saint Paul a few years ago and I loved how the photos turned out.  Rebecca did an outstanding job with the pictures.

When you work with artists, whether it is a makeup artist or a photographer, you get different results, different interpretations, and different perspectives.  I have two makeup artists I see on a regular basis and both are very, very good.  It’s always fun to see what kind of look they will create for me.  It’s also exciting to see what two very different artists will do with the same canvas (if you will). 

Photography is like that.  I have been working with my friend and photographer Shannonlee for almost six years now and I am always excited to watch her work.  She finds fun locations to shoot in, fun angles, and always captures the best light and background.  Because of this, I had been curious to see what she would do with this dress.

When I plan a photo shoot, it’s often because I have outfits or products to review.  I pack the clothes I am modeling and I usually wear a dress that I am not necessarily reviewing, but something I would like some photos in.  I wore this dress to my most recent shoot and I was excited to see how Shannonlee’s photos would turn out.  

Our shoot was in south Minneapolis so as long as I was in the area I decided to spend a little time at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts beforehand.  Wandering around an art museum en femme was something I had missed during COVID.  After my visit I met Shannonlee and we took a few photos on the steps of the museum.  We only took a few pictures and what we took turned out amazing.  

I love this dress and I love how both sets of photos turned out.  I hope you like them too!

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Butterflies and Stilettos

  1. such a nice flattering dress like you write, and again i envy that you go out to visit a museum en femme, hope to do so myself one day.
    and your heels are very nice by the way. where did you get those heels if i ma ask Hannah
    kisses Kathleen


  2. Figure and form are the artists tools to create a presentation. Such a impressive figure you have created with the clinched waist and female hip pads. Your height reminds one of a Rockette that always seem to have a long torso. The summertime look is remarkable.


  3. I must say that the photos turned out great (thanks to both the artists who made it possible and the beautiful model). That dress goes great with those heels. I feel you are an example for many of us. I keep reading you. Bye.


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