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Occasionally you mention your love for leggings, praising their sexy look and comfort. I only once purchased leggings to give them a try but was disappointed with the wrong sizing, boring fabric and baggy look. I gave them to my wife without thinking twice. But I STILL want the experience of leggings YOU write about. Could you please give me some guidance on how to locate those stores that carry the brands, style, fabric and fit you love??

Like almost everything we shop for, leggings really require you to know your measurements, especially your waist and hips.  I wear leggings in boy mode, never en femme so when I take my measurements for leggings I do so without my hip pads. 

I wear a size 12 (or a medium) in skirts so I use that as my guide for leggings.  Leggings are pretty stretchy so if I am between sizes on a pair I go for the smaller of the sizes.  Length might be an issue for a girl like us, but I care more about the fit around my waist.  The leggings I am wearing now go down just below my calf so I think it’s a good length for them.  

I do have several pairs that I wear on a regular basis.  I have the pair I am wearing now which is a nice, soft cotton blend.  I have a pair of femme leggings I run in, but my favorite pair is a faux leather from En Femme.  

This is something you may need to do some trial and error shopping with, but thankfully leggings aren’t too expensive.  I get most of my leggings from Target which are about ten to twenty dollars a pair. 

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I get my leggings mostly from Leonisa. I really like the looks of their high waist leggings and they keep coming out with more colors. They are a compression type legging but they look and feel good. But they cost more than twenty dollars. I have also purchased leggings from MomandMe. They are buttery soft and not so tight but fit well. They cost around twenty per pair. Have a great day!


  2. Hit the Goodwill and buy several pair that you can take home and try. Less than $30 and you can have several pairs. I have found a couple of brands that are awesome and they are usually compression leggings and the the ponte leggings are perfect. Once you find what you like you can go back and find more that are the same or similar.


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