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I am looking for a place that will dress me up as a girl. I would like to be waxed or shaved before they make me over, is there a place like that? I have tried to buy stuff but it never fits. 

Transformation studios offer a variety of services.  Some offer wigs, clothes, makeup, and/or photography.  However, waxing is a complicated process that requires licensing in many (if not all) states.  I suppose it’s not unlikely that a transformation studio may offer waxing as one of their services but I am not aware of any. 

The easiest way to find a transformation studio is googling ‘transformation studio’ and the city you’re looking for, such as “transformation studio Minneapolis”.  You may need to vary the search terms a bit, such as googling “crossdressing services (city name)”, for example.  Services like the one you’re looking for aren’t super common but they are out there.  The bigger the city, the more likely you’ll find one.

Alternatively you can make an appointment at a waxing salon (such as Waxing the City or European Wax Center) before you visit a transformation studio, too.

If you are having trouble finding clothes, the best thing to do is take your measurements.  Girl clothes use a different sizing method than boy clothes and you have to take into consideration your hips AND waist.  And! A size 12 isn’t the same from one designer to the next.  Once you have your measurements and compare them to the sizing charts you see online (if you’re shopping online), you’ll have an easier time.

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I definitely recommend using a CD/TG makeover service, if one’s available in your area.

    The one I went to in the Bay Area changed my life… after over 20 years of wondering, it was the first time I ever truly saw how Alicia could look like, and inspired me to do so much more! They can be pricey, but worth every penny!

    Many have been hit hard by the pandemic, so they can use our support too.


  2. Just some notes on waxing, at least what I’ve seen and heard.

    It is expensive. Depending on how much of your body you want to have waxed, it can run well into the $100s. I did a “Full Phelps” a few year back, and it was nearly $400 with everything included. And, the first time you wax, you likely won’t get the results you want. It takes a few times on a regular cycle to get all the hair removed so that it doesn’t come back a just a few days.

    If you want to go that route, check around with different waxing salons to see what they offer (not all will do everything, but I believe if you are just looking for arms and legs you should be good). Ask them what to expect from the first treatment, and how that might change over time with additional treatments.

    Oh, and don’t expect to go from the salon to the transformation studio in the same day. You should let your skin recover for a day or more. Again, ask the salon.

    Best wishes on finding the services you want to find the person inside that you are looking for.


  3. There are likely tons of salons in your area that do waxing. They serve both men and women.

    However, it’s relatively easy to shave your arms and legs. For the first time, climb into the bath tub, get out the shaving cream, and try to avoid nicking yourself too much. I assume there are lots of YouTube videos showing how to do it. I do my arms, legs, and upper chest.

    Also, another option is Nair. Follow the instructions, but it does a pretty good job (assuming you don’t have a negative reaction to the chemicals).

    I usually try a combo of Nair and shaving for my back, but I also have a GG friend who owns a salon (I give her accounting help, so I trade spreadsheets for her services, and I get the better end of the deal) and she waxed my back recently (trust me, it can sting a bit).

    Also, in pre-pandemic days, I had several makeovers at Sephora, and that made all the difference for me. I had the right products and the right steps to do my own makeup. I don’t know whether they have resumed them or no.


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