Thank You, Crossdressing


How have you been?  I know it’s been a minute but I have been traveling for work over the last week or so.  I am exhausted!  I normally travel for work but I haven’t been doing so since February of last year.  I THINK I am back to traveling on a more regular schedule but we’ll see.  I like my job and the opportunities it provides but goodness it wipes me out.  When I am at the office for work it’s usually for a lot of meetings and such and it really takes me out of my little routine which throws me off the entire time I am out of town.  It’s nice to come home.  For me, being away from familiar surroundings and my routine really exhausts me.  Of course, the endless meetings when I am out of town don’t help much.  

Thank goodness for crossdressing.  Really.  

After the stress of traveling and work, I can’t tell you how nice it was to come back to the hotel and slip into something cute, whether lingerie or a nightgown and just de-stress and relax.  It really helps take the edge off of a busy day.  When I am in the office, it’s all khakis and neckties which is completely different from my normal work-at-home attire of leggings and a cardigan.  

Clothes are absolutely a way for me to stay connected to my femme side, even if it’s just under-dresssing.  Femme clothes represent a break from my male life, the side of my life that attends meetings and wears suits.  Going from one gender presentation to another is not unlike flipping a switch.  Even if am not presenting completely en femme, changing from a dress shirt to a nightgown is also like flipping a switch and going from the stresses of life to downtime.  

I’ll end this week with going out on Saturday and I am really looking forward to getting completely dolled up and spending the day in a cute dress and heels.  It’s the perfect way to unwind after such a stressful and exhausting trip.  

Thank goodness for this side of me, for this side of us.

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Crossdressing

  1. Dear Hannah,

    This little note is so perfectly on the mark. Any thing from warm shower or bubble bath and slipping into a delicious looking bra and pantie set is so wonderfully, I am immediately my feminine self and I am calm at at peace.

    Thank You,

    Marie Anne Greene


  2. Hi Hannah,
    Spot on as always! Very glad you are home as I, and probably others, were wondering where you were and if things were ok. Have an excellent Saturday day out tomorrow!


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