So I had a lovely time this past Saturday.  After traveling for work and a week of stressful meetings and work-related events, I was exhausted but needing a day out en femme.  Isn’t it wonderful we have this side of us?  We can take a break from our stressful and busy boy life and escape into a world of makeup and stilettos.  Or nightgowns or panties or anything femme.  We are truly blessed.

A friend of mine bought tickets to see a play at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater a few months back and this Saturday was the day of the show.  I have always wanted to go there and I had been looking forward to it ever since she got the tickets… and after the week I had I was even more excited.  I woke up, showered and shaved my legs, picked out a cute dress (ever find a dress in your closet and wonder why you don’t wear it more often??) and went to my makeup appointment.  After I had my face done I went to the theater.  

The Chanhassen Dinner Theater is a lot bigger than I expected.  In addition to the large theater for the main productions and dining, there are also two other smaller stages and additional seating areas.  It was beautiful.  I met up with Jennifer and we were escorted to our table.  We were seated next to another table of ladies and we were close enough where we were able to make small talk with them.  

After our lunch the actors took the stage for a production of ‘The Music Man’ and we all had a lovely time watching the show.  And then I drove home.  And that was that.

When I arrived home I chatted with wife about the day and I realized that nothing remarkable happened. No creepy men hitting on me (thank goodness), nothing amusing happened, no close calls bumping into someone either of us knew.  It was a lovely, but uneventful afternoon.  But I realized that in it of itself WAS what was remarkable.  Over the years of going out en femme and doing all sorts of things and going wherever I pleased has been a mixture of fear, apprehension, excitement, and a million other emotions.  Countless thoughts and worries about being read or wondering what people were thinking.  I chatted during intermission with the ladies we sat next to, used the ladies room, and spent the afternoon as a t-girl in a huge audience.  Nothing worried me, there was no fear, no overthinking, no anxiety.  I was just another girl going to a play.  

And isn’t that what we all want?

To live our lives (or at least live our Saturdays) without fear or worrying about what others think?  To do what we want without a second thought?  Ten years ago the afternoon would have been an impossible dream but countless experiences out en femme have bolstered my confidence and stripped away any care of what others might think.  For those of us who aren’t ready to step out en femme I assure you that it gets easier over time.  Yes, I imagine there will be times when in the future when I go out when I might be nervous or scared, but those emotions happen less frequently than they did five years ago.  

However it’s important to not let your guard down.  No matter how many times I go out, I always scan the room for the unlikely chance I see someone I know, or see someone I need to keep an eye on.  Were I to walk into a store where someone was paying a little too much attention to me, well, that would be concerning.   

I know most of us worry and speculate what others are thinking.  But really, you don’t know what is going through their mind.  When I used the ladies room on Saturday I was washing my hands next to another girl and I briefly wondered what she might be thinking.  I didn’t have to wait much longer because she broke the silence by saying “Can I just tell you that I love your heels?”  

It made my day.  My boring, unremarkable, but amazing day.

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Unremarkable

  1. Hi Hannah, will you be marching anywhere on Saturday for Trans Visibility Day? I will be attending the March in Sacramento, this will be my 1st big event en femme, I’ve been out a few times, but nothing like this, I’m so excited to march & just be around a large group of girls just like us!



      1. Glad you had a wonderful day-sounds great. A day/night out en femme is quite delightful. Do you and your wife ever go out for a girl’s night out or go shopping together? Seems like that could be a delightful outing also.


  2. Thanks Hannah for sharing your remarkable unremarkable day🙂 It comforts tgirls like myself knowing that at some point it gets easier, that at some point we could live out our true selves without looking over the shoulder every second minute!

    Have a great week!


  3. Unremarkable days become more and more common the more of them you have. Or that has been my experience, anyway. The remarkable days are the ones when something wonderful happens, like my boss saying “So, what can I do to help?” when I came out to him. And many, many more incidents like that.

    The unremarkable days are still wonderful in that we just are. We are another person doing what everyone else does without worry or thinking about it. And, that is the real key, just live.

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