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Is it okay that I love to dress up even if I will never pass?

For starters, it will never be “okay” to present as a gender that is different from the one someone was assigned to at birth.  At my most pessimistic I don’t think the world as a whole will ever be accepting of a boy wearing a dress or nail polish or anything femme.

At my most optimistic I also don’t think most of the world really cares.  Most people are too preoccupied with their own lives to really care what someone else is doing or wearing.  Sure, they may think that a boy wearing a skirt is a little unusual but after a few moments they probably won’t give it a second thought.  But I exist for myself.  I dress for myself and I am not going to stop being who I am because of someone else.  

Also!  Passing isn’t real.  There are no set standards one must meet in order to be “allowed” to be a girl.  No one, cis girls or transgirls, are too tall, too… anything to be a girl.  

So, to answer your question, yes!  It is absolutely okay to dress however you like.  True, not everyone will be thrilled or accepting but you need to live your own life and not be concerned with what others might think.  And yes, I know, it’s easier said than done, but I promise you the more you dress the less you care about how others might think.  

Love, Hannah

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10 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Lately I been going out dressed with woman clothes but I haven’t tried to pass as one, that means no makeup, no wigs, no breast forms or anything, just clothing and no one even cares, like you mention most people arr preoccupied with their own lives and don’t care much for the rest

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  2. My wife says I’m passable, she says I “look like a little old lady”, which is fine. But after a year of going out in public, I have developed a “Rhett Butler” attitude about being tagged.


  3. As one who goes to work most days, wearing makeup and some type of what I call gender neutral clothing, our society is beginning to come to terms that clothes are just clothes.
    Oh sure there are things that will still be mostly female but for there my clothes as you say jlbro, and I wear what I wear because I like them


  4. It’s certainly okay to dress up. This is so much fun to do. Doing so in public is a challenge – if you could pass, like Hannah certainly does, that’s great! If you cannot pass, you may find there will be moments when you may get weird or dirty looks from both sexes. Some of us can’t pass, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to do so under the right circumstances or simply keep just doing it at home.


  5. Hi Hannah I am looking at getting a transformation makeover with a company in Saint Paul I believe you use them as well this is my first experience And I don’t know what to expect my name is Bob my female eagle is Maddie just want to know how your experiences I’m off all afraid of going out in public but this is something I really want to do will it take me out brick-and-mortar shopping and how was your experience with them as well thanks much Maddie


  6. I’m so much happier since I let go of the idea of passing years ago. Yes I am a person who likes to express femininity by wearing pretty clothes and all the other delightful things that go with them. I don’t see any reason I need to be physically female to express that feeling.


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