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What were your feelings and your thoughts the first time you used the ladies room?

The first time I used the ladies room was at a LGBTQ+ bar which is probably as safe as it gets.  I was still a LITTLE nervous, though.  Thankfully it was an uneventful experience.  I did take a few selfies and reapplied my lipstick just because I could, lol.

Since then, I have used the ladies room countless times and they have been without incident.  I do use a family restroom if there is an option to do so, but so far every visit has been fine.  Indeed, if anything there’s small talk with the other ladies about shoes or the outfits we’re wearing.  

I am fully aware of me being a t-girl in the ladies room, though.  I never want to make others feel uncomfortable but I am conscious of the fact that a transgender person in a bathroom is a political hot topic.  This… controversy seems to have died down a little over the last few years but I know at any time someone might react in a negative way and might cause trouble.  

I will always recommend the app Refugee Restroom when it comes to non-binary people looking for a bathroom.  

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I have two stories.

    The first time I used the ladies room I went in and no one was in. Finish my business, and two women are in. Ok, keep calm.

    Then the women next to me says, “that’s a beautiful dress”. Not what I was expecting to hear, but I thanked her.

    The second story is that I have several GG friends, and on occasion I gone into the ladies room with them. They will start talking to me over the stalls and I don’t respond. I have to remind them outside I don’t want other women hearing my male voice in the ladies loo.


  2. 1980.. I was working in an office building and hadn’t really started to dress much as I had roommates.

    Just walked in, sat down, then someone came in. I froze and luckily they didn’t engage me in conversation… after she left… I waited a bit and NOW I’m nervous?

    All ended well though.


  3. Ladies rooms can be frightening. It’s the unknown that is scary. I always avoided using the ladies room until one day when I was at a open air shopping mall and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get back to my motel before I needed to pee
    With no other choice, I went to the food court and found a sign that said Ladies Room. I went down a narrow hallway and found the ladies room. To my surprise, there wasn’t a door just a open doorway. I went into the ladies room and saw two rows of stalls on each wall. I walked past the stalls on my right and they were all occupied. I was almost to the end of the stalls, when a stall door opened and a girl came out. I went into the stall and closed and locked the door.
    I did what I needed to do then flushed the toilet and opened the door. I went to where the sinks were and touched up my makeup and washed my hands. No one was paying attention to me and I didn’t linger there longer than I needed to. All my fears of using the ladies room were gone. Since then, I use a ladies room whenever I have to without worrying about it
    I always go in and do what I need to do, then leave without getting into a conversation with anyone
    Never had a problem, and never been questioned.
    I’m just another girl using the ladies room


  4. I have visited many ladies rooms, in lots of different places. The one thing that I have found, is that most of them are much cleaner and oder free compared to a men’s room. Some have fresh flowers that give off a sweet smell and soft music that makes it seem like it’s a friendly atmosphere, while I’m in there. Most of the upscale ladies rooms have a female attendant, that makes sure that the stalls are clean and equipped with toilet paper
    She can be a lifesaver if you need a safety pin to fix a bra strap, most of the attendants have safety pins for such emergencies. They can help you out with sanitary products if you don’t have any of these items with you.
    All in all, I think that ladies rooms are much nicer than men’s rooms for many reasons
    I feel safe and never hesitate to use a ladies room when I’m dressed en femme
    I’m just another girl using the ladies room


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