These Days

Last week the MN T-Girls had our annual photo shoot.  We booked a studio in what is referred to as ‘The Warehouse District’.  It’s a part of the city where, obviously, there used to be a lot of warehouses.  These days it’s mostly expensive apartments and trendy cafes and start-up companies.  

The studio doubled as a workspace for what I assume is something along those lines, perhaps an advertising firm.  While the other girls were getting their photos taken, I explored the office and studio a little.  I love seeing the culture and personality of a company, it gives you an idea as to what the people that work there are like.

There was a part of a wall that was covered with stickers.  They were mostly stickers for local businesses, such as coffee shops and breweries.  There was one that was stuck to the wall that simply read “These Days are Numbered”.  

I was struck by how… terrifying and encouraging this was.  

Well, maybe terrifying isn’t the right word.  Rather, it was a reminder that life is short.  Like all of us, my life has it’s ups and downs.  I have good weeks and bad weeks.  I was having a good day, a good week, when I read that sticker.  Those words were reminding me that these good moments wouldn’t always be so.  There will come a time when I am unable to wear five-inch stilettos.  When I am not able to fit into my favorite dresses.  That no amount of foundation can help me.  There may come a day when I am not able to dress.  

Of course, my life is more than my wardrobe.  The other parts of my life that bring me joy may vanish as well.  Friends move away, family members pass on.  Jobs may be lost, favorite bands might break up.  

If that sticker’s phrasing scared you, then maybe it’s a sign to live your life how you wish.

If you are going through a difficult time, then I hope those words brought you peace.  Whatever you are living with will pass.  The bad days are numbered too.  

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “These Days

  1. wow what a sticker makes you think what it really means/ Nostradamus most of wrote that to worn us these days are coming! so yes we should do what we can and enjoy it while we can even dress up and just be happy who cares who sees you dressed up. woman dress like men so men can dress like woman


  2. Yes, it is true that women can dress like men, and nowadays, they do that a lot! So why can’t men dress as women? We can, and do. Life is short and dressing is fun and exciting! When I dress, I feel like a different person and life’s problems seem minimal for awhile too. I love that picture of you with the red dress and white polka dots…


  3. Through a number of events over the last few years I’ve started saying “Enjoy what you can now, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.” There is a whole lot less worry and anxiety about “splurging” on a show, meal, outfit, time of doing nothing, whatever. And that by itself makes those things all more enjoyable.

    As for what I might not be able to do in the future – well, that day isn’t here now, so I just continue to enjoy what I am able to do now. Heels may have become stacked heels instead of stilettos (and flats are a great option, too!). Clothes sizes and styles might have changed. But, I’m still me, and in many ways, even more of me now.

    These days might be numbered, but if we spend the time to be counting them, we’re going to be missing out on the days themselves.


  4. I admit it’s been hard not to think about days being numbered over the past couple of years. And I admit, too, that such a topic scares me enough at times that dressing up as Allison isn’t any sort of a pick-me-up. But I try to (emphasis on “try to”) think positive and at the very least think about all I’d love to do or still desire to do as Allison. Hopefully when those wishes are fulfilled, all the other things and people in my life will still be there for me to enjoy and appreciate.


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