Ask Hannah!

I am very attracted to trans women. I’m not sure exactly why or what it is about them that causes this attraction. Although I’ve never been with a trans women before, I feel drawn to them.
I guess my question is, am I gay, bi, or attracted to the woman I see within a trans woman?

Trans women are women.  Being attracted to a woman, trans or cis, doesn’t mean you are gay or bi.
All women are more than the body parts that she has.
Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I wish this question didn’t matter. We are attracted to who we are attracted to and should just be able to follow or heart.

    Unfortunately society doesn’t see this way. Viewing the world as blank an white is so much easier. But less exciting and usually not correct.


  2. To me, this question is more baffling than any answer anyone could come up with. You are attracted to whoever attracts you. Attraction is (and should be) more than just the desire for certain body parts, but an attraction to the mind of a person as well. No one gives a second thought if someone is a attracted to strange and quirky people, why does it matter if the person has some label too?


  3. As a trans person I too am attracted to trans women so what does that make me?
    I’m not sure but as has been said people are just people and if they are cute and fun it just doesn’t matter if they are trans or not


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