Moving On Up!

I don’t write about sex tooooo often. I don’t think there’s much overlap with gender identity and sexuality but I totes get that some do. And! I totally have reluctantly accepted that fetishization of the trans community is not going away anytime soon or… ever.

That being said, I am still a little surprised that for the third year in a row my website was named one of the Top 100 Sex Blogs of the Year by Molly’s Daily Kiss. In 2019 I was number 95, last year I was number 80, and this year I am 68! Moving up!

I try not to write about R-Rated stuff too often, so I hope it goes without saying that the websites linked in this post are adult orientated and not safe for work. At all.

It is unexpected to get this kind of recognition but I am flattered that my website is connecting with others. I appreciate every visitor, subscriber, and comment. Thank you all so much!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Moving On Up!

  1. its not about sex when it comes to 2 people the same sex being together, it’s about companionship. doing things together like having dinner, going shopping, going to a park, cleaning house.


  2. Congratulations, I guess. At least the vagaries search algorithms may lead some people to accidentally stumble upon your thoughtful and classy site.


  3. There’s one single post that’s been far and away the most viewed on my blog every day the past 2+ years (one about my sister’s bathing suit being discovered in my possession), so I can definitely empathize with you, Hannah. Yes, it’s good to have an appreciative audience, and to know that we’re connecting with them in some way. But it’s also better if that audience appreciates crossdressers as human beings and not a fetish.


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