Moving On Up!

I don’t write about sex tooooo often. I don’t think there’s much overlap with gender identity and sexuality but I totes get that some do. And! I totally have reluctantly accepted that fetishization of the trans community is not going away anytime soon or… ever.

That being said, I am still a little surprised that for the third year in a row my website was named one of the Top 100 Sex Blogs of the Year by Molly’s Daily Kiss. In 2019 I was number 95, last year I was number 80, and this year I am 68! Moving up!

I try not to write about R-Rated stuff too often, so I hope it goes without saying that the websites linked in this post are adult orientated and not safe for work. At all.

It is unexpected to get this kind of recognition but I am flattered that my website is connecting with others. I appreciate every visitor, subscriber, and comment. Thank you all so much!

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

Is there a travel site or travel agent for crossdressers? I would like to take a vacation where I know there are others who are like me.

No matter how we identify or what we like to wear or where we are in our life and journey, the thing we all have in common is that we want to BELONG.  We want to find others who are like us, others who can relate to us.  We need someone in our lives to talk about this side of us.  OR!  Not talk about this side of us.  When I have come to others in my life it triggered hours or even years of conversations.  Tons and tons of questions.

Explaining that we are THIS but not necessarily THAT.  It is exhausting.  Having others in our lives who are like us means that they know how nuanced and complicated and simple gender identity can be.  WE get it.  Others who are like us get it too.  While I may not know EVERYTHING another t-girl is experiencing I know that gender identity can change over time, that being transgender doesn’t always or necessarily mean transitioning, and that gender has zero to do with sexuality.  It’s just nice to be able to talk to other t-girls about everything from finding heels that fit to makeup techniques.

When I have come out to people in my life, it has often taken them completely by surprise.  In my boy life I appear pretty normal, I am pretty boring.  There’s nothing flashy or exciting about my boy life.  Hannah is the complete opposite in many ways from who I am when I present as male.  The same is true for many of my t-girl friends.  Sometimes we talk about our boy lives and it never fails to surprise me when I learn that in their boy life they drive a forklift or spend their Sundays watching football.  Very MACHO things, lol.  But here they are, wearing the cutest stilettos and wearing the sparkliest dress I’ve ever seen.  

What I mean to say is that there’s no way of knowing who is like us.  We could be anywhere and we ARE everywhere.  There are more like us than you could possibly imagine.  

I am not aware of a travel site or a travel agent for specifically crossdressers.  There is the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, however.  From their website, the IGLTA is the world’s leading network of LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses. We provide free travel resources and information while continuously working to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide. IGLTA’s members include LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations, transport, destinations, service providers, travel agents, tour operators, events and travel media located in over 80 countries.

Another suggestion is to attend one of the many transgender conferences that take place all over the world all throughout the year.  These events are filled with girls like us and are a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends.

Have a question for me?  Oh yes you do.  Ask me here!

Merry and Bright and Glam!

This past weekend the MN T-Girls celebrated our annual holiday party and it was just… lovely. The holiday season is always packed with running around and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed so being able to spend a few hours with friends and eating yummy food and looking FABULOUS is a much needed break from everything.

This year’s party was especially nice because last year we weren’t able to celebrate the season together.

This was the final event of the year and it was wonderful to reflect on a busy and strange 2021. Hopefully 2022 will be more normal. 😉

Love, Hannah

New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme is live!

The latest from blogger, trans-activist and fashionista, Hannah McKnight, is now available in our Learning Center! Hannah’s blog discusses more in-depth her life as a self-described T-girl. 

In her newest article, Hannah talks about the importance of self-care and nurturing our femme side during the holiday season, which can be a stressful time for many of us.
  Read it now>>

Love, Hannah