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I just wanted to ask if you or any followers have a good suggestion on where to buy shoes? I wear a size 13 in men’s and a 14 or 15 in women’s and it’s been a real task to find anything that’s not over the top or just plain boring. Hope someone can help a shoeless girl.

Girl, I feel you. I look at all the cute styles at stores but once you get beyond size 11 there’s nothing but brown loafers.

I get my heels from these stores:

The Breast Form Store -various styles and sizes up to women’s 17 (men’s 15)

En Femme -various styles and sizes up to women’s 16 (men’s 14)

Glamour Boutique – various styles and sizes up to women’s 16 (men’s 14)

I bet a lot of readers out there have a ton of suggestions. If you have any ideas, please comment below!

Love, Hannah

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11 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Probably thanks to Hannah and this blog, I have bought from both En Femme and the Glamour Boutique and second her recommendation. I’ve also enjoyed going right to the source at I have heard a lot about Only Maker, so I put in an order for a pair of boots in 14. It’s a fun site to browse, and a wonderful range of shoes. and Janet’s Closet also good sources. It’s tough at the moment though, as inventory seems low, at least when I’m trying to find a pair of Pleaser Chloe’s in my size. I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say.


  2. I shop at the Nordstrom Rack, as they carry sizes 13 and 14 in women’s shoes. Sometimes the inventory is pretty sparse and often there are only high heels. You must go in frequently to find ones you like.


  3. FSJ Shoes has sizes up to 15 and a huge selection plus custom. $60-$120 per pair. Takes 10-15 days to get them but the product is nice


  4. It depends on your budget to an extent. I have found a number of cobblers who will happily make custom fit heels and boots for my size 17 feet.

    It isn’t the cheap option (200-300 usd) but they are hand made 100% quality leather with a guaranteed fit and best of all… they are unique. I design them myself.

    Happy to provide some names of this is an option for you


  5. Got to admire Hanna’s ability to handle the stilettos in public and other wise. Enjoyed other responses here, and my M11/W13 dilemma does not seem to be so bad. The Nordstrom’s rack reference was beneficial if you can get over the anxiety of buying them en drab.


  6. I purchase most of mine through Amazon. I wear a 15 in women’s shoe and have been able to find a wide range of styles. About a month ago I got a pair of ballerina flats for around $20 and a cute pair of black 3 inch sequined heels for around forty. I also purchased several pairs of Onlymaker there in the past and really like their shoes.
    Elizabeth Marie


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