Sorry, not Sorry

I ignore emails and direct messages that are sexually charged. When I post photos there is usually some reaction along the lines of likes and comments. This is not to say that I’ll post a photo and then it goes viral or whatever because of how AMAZING I look. This is not to say that I am SO BEAUTIFUL that a picture creates a flurry of positive activity or whatever. I don’t think this way about myself and believe me, I am humbled by many pictures that will never be posted. I also get reality checked by reflections and selfies.

Does that make sense? I am have no illusions about myself.

As long as we are talking about this, I am not flattered or validated at all by sexual comments so ya’ll can stop.

Anyway, my least favorite of these comments are along the lines of “hey hanna I like your bulge hehe 😉 “. And yes, that is usually how these comments are written except they usually include the eggplant emoji. First of all, my name is HannaH. While I am many things, I am also a palindrome. And secondly, if we’re splitting hairs, it’s “heh heh” if you are trying to be mischievous.

The legendary Stana posted on her website the other day and she got me thinking about photos that, um, inspire comments like these. I may not react or respond to those type of “compliments”, but they are usually visible on social media and I thought I should clear something up.

Let’s bring out the visual aids.

And yes, I know what some of you are looking at it.

But that is not my penis. I don’t know about your own body (and I don’t WANT to know) but that is not where my penis is. That bulge is just below where my naval is.

I know how to tuck. I wear a gaff. I am not aroused by *this*.

That is the bottom edge of my corset.

Sometimes it… curls up a little depending on how tightly it is cinched. This creates a less than flat, smooth, and flush effect.

I hope that clears things up. Sorry perverts. Actually, I’m not sorry, lol.

Love, HannaH

4 thoughts on “Sorry, not Sorry

  1. Hello Hannah glade you posted this, i could imagine how many posts you get about things you don’t need to read, like the perverts that say things. i did send i post and forgot to put a H at the end of your name. it was a type o mistake. i adore you’re out fits and posts. You look so pretty and very passable as a female. i love the style dresses you have and the way you have a necklace and make up on just right. the hair is so beautiful the way you have it. i have learned from you how to dress and look. i absolutely love the style of clothing. thanks for your time. be safe and take care. Lucinda my email that show up is dlgeb , my female name is Lucinda


  2. Hi Hannah, I’m sorry that you have to endure comments like that, but that’s the way it is for girls like us. These types of people are always going to be out there, along with the haters who think we are an abomination & shouldn’t even exist & that’s OK, we must be & are the bigger people, which we are every time we go out into the world!
    I think you’re a beautiful & caring person & you were such a big help to me in the beginning, I love reading your posts & look forward to them every day. I’m sure you get WAY more good comments than bad & that tells the story. There are A LOT of us girls out here that love you & wish you nothing but the best.
    One of my new Bucket List items is to meet you in person some day, as I’m sure you are way more beautiful in person, some day I hope!

    Sincerely, Diane

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  3. Hannah, I think you are a wonderful person! I endure the same problems as you, Did I mention I hate eggplants? Unlike you I prefer to spell my name as Sara with out the “H” and it annoys me that people try to spell it with the “H” just as much as it annoys you when people leave it off your name, in fact I went to school with a Hanna who didn’t spell it the way you do. Just remember haters will be haters and we just need to take away the 1 thing that they want from us, and that’s our attention!


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